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Every morning, people wake up and demand the assistance of a product to aid them in awakening. It’s the hot beverage that seems to call to millions of people nationwide coffee. How did a hot beverage brewed from a bean become such a necessity to people? The FDA might suggest that the caffeine in coffee qualifies as a dependent drug. I would suggest that it is a psychological dependency. We feel that we need coffee, so how did coffee become such an idea virus? To answer this question, I researched a very successful coffee shop Dunkin Donuts.

Now reaching worldwide with 5,000 donut shops (www.dunkindonuts.com), Dunkin Donuts is more successful than it has ever been. So what is their key to success? Appealing to people in a way they can’t resist. Every day at shops worldwide, Dunkin Donuts customers order the same coffee at the same time of each day. That is a loyal customer. Dunkin Donuts sells different products as a service. No need to brew your own when going through the drive thru or walking inside at many convenient locations around the world takes a few minutes. They will make your coffee for you exactly how you prefer it for an inexpensive price. They offer different sizes, flavors, temperatures, styles, teas, hot chocolates, donuts, muffins and bagels. Dunkin Donuts wide target market includes men and women, 18-64 years old, professionals and blue collared workers. You would think with such a wide target market that it would be hard to advertise and promote this business. In 18, many remember the Fred the Baker, “time to make the donuts” television campaign. Now, Dunkin Donuts boosts the tagline, “JUST THE THING” (www.dunkindonuts.com) and it is!

One feature that is unique to the Dunkin Donuts Corporation is their campaign to “own a store”. Anyone can sign up and get information on how they can own a Dunkin Donuts. I want to own a shop in Germany. I did research and discovered Germany’s consumption of coffee outnumbered the United States 7.5kg/person to 5.6kg/person respectively (www.cofeeresearch.org). Germany is one of the few countries considered to be “a modern cosmopolitan society” other than the USA. Germany cares about their coffee. I will consider factor conditions like human resources (quality of workers, work ethics) and high unemployment rates (www.cia.gov/cia/publications/factbook.html). Germans “company structure and management style tend to be hierarchal. Businesses are more successful with highly disciplined structures” (Global Marketing, Keegan/Green, 7th edition, page 87). Dunkin Donuts has a standardized way of business everywhere. The products would need to be somewhat altered to the tastes and preferences of the German culture. More fillings for the donuts could be provided. Brews could be stronger and more potent to satisfy the appeal of German’s stronger tastes. Physical resources are close with Ethiopia’s rainforests surrounding the country (http//80-web.lexis-nexis.com.libproxy.uml.edu/). The strict federal republic of Germany keeps close watch on the country and businesses. Abiding all rules and regulations would be necessary.

These small changes add up to a lot of time and effort. Although I believe that eventually after making the right adjustments, that the German Dunkin Donuts would be successful, I have decided not to open this business. It would take many years and lessons learned before the shop would be a success.

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