The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, is a story set in the roaring 0’s. Nick Carraway, the narrator of this story introduces Gatsby and his story. It is through Nick’s thoughts that Fitzgerald conveys how Gatsby both achieves and in essence, does not achieve the “American dream”. This book also relates to many themes in literature.

One of the themes in this work focuses around the degradation of morals and rise of materialism. Everyone in the 10’s became so overwhelmed with money, that they were convinced being wealthy was the American dream. For example, Gatsby gets involved with gambling and Meyer Wolfsheim in order to become a wealthier man. There’s also a theme of loss. Gatsby loses his only love and at one point realizes he cannot buy her back with money.

The American dream can be defined in many ways depending on whose point of view it is being described from. Gatsby achieves the shapeless American dream first for being a decorated war hero, a major to be precise. That has to give him a sense of pride. Second, at the point in his life where this story takes place, he is a very rich man. He lives in a huge house and has many servants, which at that time is what people aspired to. Finally, he had many parties and knew many people. People wanting to attend his parties, and his home being the “hip” place to be, was part of his American dream.

However, Gatsby does not achieve the American dream in that he earns his fortune dishonestly through gambling. Even though he did work, his work is not what earned him his money and fame. Another aspect of the American dream he did not have was a family. He did not have a love to share his wealth and happiness with, therefore leaving it somewhat of an empty victory.

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Gatsby’s death at the end of the piece symbolizes that his dream is essentially ruined by the unworthiness of its object Daisy, just as the American dream in the 0’s was ruined by its object, money. Daisy was not perfect and did not deserve, as a married woman to be introduced to an old relationship. If Gatsby did not pursue her, it ultimately would have saved his life. In the same way, the 0’s would have been better off had people not been so concerned with money.

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