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Cosmetologists, who are also called beauty operators, hairdressers, hairstylers, or

beauticians, provide many services related to the care and grooming of hair, skin, and nails. Most

cosmetologists associate with hair, but they may give facials and manicures, provide makeup

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analysis, and sell beauty products and wigs. Some just specialize in one or more things. They

must be creative and artistic in order to meet their clients’ needs (Cosmetologist, 000, p. 1).

There has always been the need for cosmetologists. People have always wanted

to look their best and have wanted trained professionals to do so. The earliest historical

record of cosmetology comes from the 1st Dynasty of Egypt (circa 100-07 BC).

The women of Egypt developed the art of decorating the eyes by applying dark green

color to the under lid and by blackening the lashes and the upper lid with kohl, a

preparation made from antimony or soot. It is likely that the Jews adopted the use of

cosmetics from the Egyptians, since references to the painting of faces appear in the

Old Testament.

Today, cosmetology is among the largest personal service industries. There are nearly 1/4

million cosmetologists and barbers in the United States (Cosmetologist, 000, p. ). The largest

growing service in cosmetology is manicurists. Manicurists are cosmetologists who work with

nails. They use many tools while doing this warm, soapy water; cuticle remover and oil; cuticle

knife and pusher; nippers; files; and emery boards. After all of that, they apply polish to the nails

(Cosmetologist, 000, p. ).

Many qualifications are needed to become a cosmetologist. It is critical for any

cosmetologist to have perfectly trimmed, smooth, clean nails when working on a clients face,

head, hands, or body. They must have patience for people, a good-eye for facial structure, a clear

understanding for colors and how to create them, and an interest in helping people to look their

best (Cosmetologist, 000, p. ). It is important that cosmetologists understand the clients’

instructions and visualize how the style will effect the appearance of the client. They have to be

aware of the newest styles and products, and have knowledge of how the shape of the head and

face influence someone (Cosmetologist, 000, p. 1).

If a cosmetologist is going to be working on mostly hair, they may shampoo, cut, curl,

straighten, style, color, bleach, and/or tint their clients hair if it is alright with the client. To do

this they may use the following shampoo sinks, hairdryers, hand-held blow dryers, brushes,

curling iron, scissors, razors, rollers, and/or heat lamps. They select what they will do to the

clients hair based upon the condition of the scalp, and the condition and texture of the hair

(Cosmetologist, 000, p. 1).

Although most cosmetologists work with hair, many do other services, too. Working with

the skin and makeup is one of them. A cosmetologist who is going to do this must be able to

recognize a variety of minor skin conditions. Generally they use lotions, creams, hot towels,

clays, oils, face packs, and massagers. They will apply those listed to correct oily, dry, or

darkened skin. They may remove unwanted hair with waxes or creams. A few cosmetologists

who work with skin complete a special training in electosys which allows them to remove

unwanted hair with an electric needle (Cosmetologist, 000, p. 1). Skin care industry will benefit

greatly from this interest in health and youth, and will continue to grow rapidly (Chronic

Guidance, 187, p. 1).

Cosmetology is a rapidly expanding field. Hundreds of jobs occur with each new cosmetic

company. It will always be a major importance because people everywhere will always want to

look their best and want good professionals to help them to do so (Gearhart, 185, p. 71).

If a high-schooler knows they would like to become a cosmetologist, there are helpful

courses they can take such as art, biology, and chemistry. If they plan on operating their own

salon, then courses in book keeping, math, and business would be useful. These classes would be

very helpful in the cosmetology business (Cosmetologist, 000, p. ).

A cosmetologist must have a license in order to perform services. All cosmetologists must

be sixteen years or older and must complete the required number of hours for training in their

state. The number of hours is usually between 1,000 to ,000, or six months to a year. After high

school, most cosmetologists attend private or public schools offering programs in cosmetology.

There are about 4,000 schools that offer this (Cosmetologist, 000, p. ). In some states, a

cosmetologist must pass a physical exam and be graduated from high school. Others, however,

only require graduation from the eighth grade (US Department of Labor, 000, p. ).

Formal training programs include classroom study, demonstrations, and practical work.

Cosmetologists in training attend lectures on the use and care of instruments, sanitation and

hygiene, chemistry, basic anatomy and physiology, and recognition of certain skin ailments (US

Department of Labor, 000, p. ).

A cosmetologist should posses artistic talent and sales ability. They should also have an

interest in serving the public. They have to be in good health, have an average physical stamina,

and be neat and well-groomed. Having a pleasant and outgoing personality is very helpful

towards a them in order to get clients. Cosmetologists are expected to have good memories to

remember their clients and have the ability to relate with people well. While a cosmetologist is

working, they should be able to work with little direct supervision (Cosmetologist, 000, p. ).

Employment in cosmetology is usually easy to find. Local unions often place graduates in

their first jobs. The best places to find a good job in cosmetology are in bigger cities. That is

where most people prosper and become known (Department of Public Affairs and

Communications, 00, p. ).

Cosmetologists work in clean, pleasant surroundings. Most work in salons where they

have good lighting and ventilation. Many salons have air-conditioning when it is hot outside

because of the chemicals that might make the environment a little stuffy. Cosmetologists don’t

only work in salons. Other places might be a nursing home, a children’s salon, cruise lines,

department stores, men’s salons and others. They stand for most of the day and use their hands

all the time. They deal with all kinds of clients. Some might be very rude and bossy and expect

perfection. Others might be very kind and easy to have conversations with. Weekends and

lunches are busy for cosmetologists so they take breaks at less popular hours of the day (US

Department of Labor, 000, p. 1).

The amount of salary that a cosmetologist is paid depends on a lot of things. First of all,

the skill that they have has a lot to do with how much their salary will be. If they do not have

very good skills, they won’t get to many clients. Also, the size and location of the place where

they work has an effect on their salary. For the most part, beginners usually range around $10 to

$40+ a week. Experienced cosmetologists earn $45 to $680 per week, and highly experienced

might earn $750 or more per week (Cosmetologist, 000, p. ).

All cosmetologists receive tips and many receive commissions on the products they sell.

Some salons pay bonuses to employees who bring in new business. Salary can be increased by

taking more advanced courses and more education (US Department of Labor, 000, p. ).

There are many benefits in becoming a cosmetologist. Their future is secure financially

and professionally. Professional services are always in demand because women and men desire

professional beauty care all year long. Being a cosmetologist increases social and professional

standing. They are exposed to new opportunities constantly. They might even begin their own

establishment or become a hair-fashion authority. Work for a cosmetologist is always a challenge

to their creative talents. They continue to learn about fashion and professional beauty care. A

qualified graduate can obtain a position easily upon graduation. With some other jobs, it might

take a few years to get employed. They constantly are developing their own artistic talents and

personal qualities to enhance their professional status. One great advantage is that if a

cosmetologist decides to temporarily leave the cosmetology career, they can always reactivate

later (National Cosmetology Association Inc., 00, p. ).

It is not very difficult for a cosmetologist to find work. There are many opportunities for

them. They could be called to work at a live modeling show, theater, department store, beauty

salon, and any promotional show such as a hairdresser convention. It takes a few years to be in

demand like that, but once they get there, there will be opportunities like those listed (Gearhart,

185, p. 45).

If a cosmetologist is working mostly with nails, they would be able to find work in any

beauty salon, specialty shop, hotel, barber shop, department store, nail replace center, or a nail

sculpting salon. If they are interested in make-up, demonstrating can be made into a very strong

career. They might even be able to start their own business. Cosmetologists who work with hair

and skin can find jobs in many of the same places as a make-up artist or manicurist (Gearhart,

185, p. 44).

Cosmetologists who are only interested in communications have the opportunity to be a

beauty editor, an editorial assistant for magazines, newspapers, or periodicals. They could also be

a personal manager. Those who are only interested in merchandising can be a manager or sales

person in department stores, boutiques, or salons. They could also be a cosmetic buyer or

assistant buyer, a representative, or a director of sales in which they would do demonstrations and

plan parties. Cosmetologists interested in scientific research can be research assistants in a

cosmetic lab, survey specialists, technician supervisors, or they can specialize in restorative art as

related to mortuary science (Chronic Guidance, 187, p. ).

Employment of cosmetology is projected to grow about as fast as the average for all

occupations through the year 008. Job opportunities should be good because a number of

employers report difficulties finding qualified applicants and numerous job openings will arise

from turnover. The number of self-employed cosmetologists should continue to grow and

opportunities will be better for those licensed to provide a broad range of cosmetology services.

Also, a surge in the demand for coloring services by teenagers and aging baby boomers will create

many job openings for cosmetologists. The rapid growth in the number of spa salons that provide

a full range of services will generate numerous job openings for cosmetologists who are trained to

provide skin care services (US Department of Labor, 000, p. ).

Cosmetology has always been needed and/or wanted all over the world. It

probably always will be, too. These creative and skilled artists make a difference in many people’s

lives every day and give them more confidence about themselves.

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