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Even though both of the colonies began with English descent they evolved into totally different communities due to political, geographical and religious reasons. Evidence shows that the two communities were very unique in their ways of dealing with slaves, religion, and many aspects of the every day life. In this essay the documents John Winthrop, A Model of Christian Charity; List of Emigrants Bound for New England; List of Emigrants Bound for Virginia, Captain John Smith and the Articles of Agreement; will be used to prove arguments like difference in the diversity of immigrants between the two colonies and the two distinct motives and approaches that the colonists had when building these communities.

New England and the Chesapeake evolved with two different political communities due to the differences in the type of the immigrants, and the joint stock system they both had.

In New England most of the people that came were full size families so the ratio from male to female was even 1. In contrast to that in Virginia the immigrants were mostly men who came to America to form a family, but the only women that they found were Native Americans. Due to this the diversity between the two communities progressed very differently. Another reason that they were different was that even though both used the joint stock system in Virginia the owners were in England while in New England the owners were themselves. This created a different perspective, while in Virginia the stockholders were just trying to make money; in New England they were interested in the best for the town. Due to the diversity of the immigrants, the type of joint stock system and the political interests; the colonies evolved into two unique communities.

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Due to the distance that separates the two colonies and differences in the geographical locations, New England and Virginia each has its own climate with its economical advantages and disadvantages. Virginia which is located south from New England has a hotter climate were winters are short. Due to this tobacco plantations started to develop in the area. The only problem with tobacco is that it requires a lot of hand labor, so many slaves were used. It also required a lot of land that was why many wars were fought with the Indians. Virginia’s Landscape also made it easier for ships to come into the colonies, which facilitated the tobacco trade. In contrast to that New England is colder with longer winters and more mountains. Due to this the region was not good for tobacco; instead a lucrative fur trade evolved with the Indians and England. This way the Puritans and Pilgrims decided to co- work with the Indians instead of fight with them for the land. But after the years as the Pilgrim families grew bigger and the colonists needed more land the tension between the Indians and the colonists grew bigger. In 1675 three Indians killed one Christian and these three Indians were executed. This incident was the spark that set a war between the Indians and Colonists over land in what became King’s Phillip War. In New England, families hired help instead of using slaves for activities like farming, fishing, and lumber. The landscapes in Virginia and New England are very different and they created two totally singular economic strategies for commerce.

Virginia and New England also varied a lot in their religion practices. New England was populated by followers of the Church of England and Angelican establishment who wanted to change or purify their religion. Due to this they were prosecuted from England and had to leave. Pilgrims were the first ones that came to New England in order for them to survive they had to co-work with the Indians. All of this reasons made that the people in New England strive for equality between all of them, which evolved into a very different approach with the Indians. “That every inhabitant shall have a convenient proportion for a house lot, as we shall see for everyone’s quality and estate”. In Virginia since most of the men were religious but not to an extent to as the people in New England, they were only worried about how rich they could become and not about the best for the community. “The worst among us were the gold seekers who with their golden promises made all men their slaves in hope of recompenses”4. As this document shows; while in Virginia they were interested in themselves, in New England they were interested in the community, which in the long run made the two communities very unlike.

As the evidence has shown this two communities were shaped in different ways that made them unique in almost every possible way. This made them evolve into two very distinct communities with different objectives for their life. This developed a different and singular way treating with social and economic issues; still both of the colonies agreed on the social issues, like natural rights, which made it possible for them to co-work in the revolutionary war, and form a new country.

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