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Robert Cormier writes pessimistic novels shown in the novel “We All Fall Down” where it deals with pessimistic themes. The definition of “pessimistic” is “emphasising the negative aspects of a situation, expecting unpleasant endings”. The arguments that could be put forth to prove the novel deals with pessimistic themes is the Alcoholism, Power and Peer Group, the character Buddy Walker’s Love for Jane Jerome and the language where it was written in a police style report.

The theme Alcoholism that is dealt with by Buddy Walker in his escape from reality through the family problems he has been having and the trashing. Buddy uses the booze as a way of avoiding the problems he will face. This is seen when his family started having problems the to the divorce of his parents, buddy takes on drinking as a way of “provided the escape “ he needed from the situation he was in. after the trashing, buddy feels that the damages he had caused was devastating and drinks to his guilt. The way Cormier has put the theme alcoholism in a pessimistic way by using alcohol as a way of avoiding the matter and not dealing with the responsibilite4s one must face.

Power and the peer group is a strong theme in the novel as the outcome is if you “fall down”, redeem yourself and not let the peer group get you down. As everybody has fallen down by the power of persuasion, but it is about the way you pick yourself up and rise above the peer group as you have the power to do so. Buddy is show to be pessimistic as he is lead by the mob mentality towards the trashing through the power Harry Flowers has upon him.

Guilt is another theme in the novel, which Cormier has put forth in the novel to show the theme pessimistic. Jane Jerome deals with guilt after she finds her sister Karen Jerome battled and bruised and left in a coma from the workings of the trashers. Jane she feels guilt on the night before she had a argument with her sister Karen, and feels that if they hadn’t had an argument that Karen will not be the one lying on a bed in a coma in a hospital. Jane looked a t the situation of her sister in a negative perspective and she feel its her fault that what had happen to Karen and not knowing that there could be anybody in hospital as Karen was at the wrong place at the wrong time or if the trashing never happened it will even be a better outcome.

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Another person that deals with guilt is buddy walker he knew he shouldn’t trashed the Jerome’s home, he knew what he was doing was wrong as he questioned himself “Harry was Frankenstein, but I’m not a monster, or is that what all monsters say?” this shows buddy’s guilt towards the trashing of the Jerome’s home. This has lead buddy to be a alcoholic as he try to avoid reality, as it provided the means of escaping reality. Buddy tries to apologise to Jane but hasn’t got the guts and only manages to say, “I’m sorry” but Jane not knowing who was it from. He’s way of dealing with guilt is by spying on Jane, this is pessimistic, as a normal person will not go through what turmoil has experienced. As a normal person will have the courage to take the responsibility and will not feel guilt for their own actions

The language which Cormier has written the novel at the beginning is a police style report where “They entered the house at 0pm on the evening of April Fools Day”. The purpose of using police style reports is an objective language where it is the complete description of the trashing” they shit on the floors and pissed on the walls and trashed their way through the seven cap cod cottage”. What is pessimistic about this police style report is that it is written negatively towards the housing saying that such a beautiful house could have such damages done to it ‘ there were four of them.. their vandalism was scattered and spontaneous… and invaded every room in the houses damaging everything the touched”.

The character Buddy Walker is the epitome of pessimistic; this is evident in his relationship with Jane Jerome. Buddy thinks that his relationship with Jane is a ticking time bomb as he does not no when Karen Jerome will wake up from her coma and identify Buddy as one of the trashers that trashed their house and brutally injured her. Whenever Jane would mention about the trashing or about Karen, Buddy would change the subject avoiding what horror would unfold. If only Buddy had confessed and explained to Jane about the trashing and taken up the responsibility for his actions, maybe the outcome of the novel would have been different, maybe Jane would of forgave Buddy. But Buddy had been pessimistic about the situation thinking that Jane would never forgave Buddy for what damages he had caused.

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