shades of clear

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Shades of Clear

In the paper “What Color is Your Paradigm?” by Jim Sollishch, Jim unwillingly, unconsciously, and unintentionally proves (to me at least) that he is a very competent father and teacher.

The paper isn’t about being a good father though and Jim isn’t even technically a teacher. His paper is about paradigms. Now Jim did not give a clear definition within his paper as to what a paradigm technically is. So I decided that this was worth getting a dictionary out for. I guess fate disagreed, for the dictionary has seemingly gotten up and walked away. That’s ok even if the technical definition isn’t clear to me, I think the concept is. A paradigm is either something that you can look at differently or it’s the actual act of looking at something differently. In Jim’s paper he plays the Sesame Street game “One of these things doesn’t belong” with his three kids. The objects in question were an orange, a strawberry, and a tomato. Jim’s oldest child says it’s the tomato because it’s a vegetable. Jim’s middle child says it’s the orange because it’s not red. Jim’s youngest child says it’s the strawberry because the other two are round. Each one of his kids seems to have the right answer, but each one of his kids has a different answer. None of them got the question wrong they just all looked at the question differently. They made a paradigm shift.

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Trying to find Jim’s thesis wasn’t easy. After the first few paragraphs (even more than halfway through the paper) you get the impression that the thesis is simply that paradigm shifts exist. Yet once you read about /4 of the paper you then come to its real thesis, that “there are real limits to the value of information”. Jim states that some of our greatest discovery’s were not dew to an abundance of information but to a simple change in perception. I find Jim’s paper to be enjoyable and smart. Seemingly its sole purpose is to make you think. And what a lovely little purpose that is. I find his thesis to be unquestionably true and his purpose to be extremely noble.

This is a man who deserves to have children. Too many parents when presented with a paradigmatic response to a question would say “What, are you stupid? Stop acting so smart!” The damage that a parent can cause on their child is immeasurable. What you put in is what you get out. If you expose your child to openness you get an open-minded child. If you expose your child to narrow mindedness you get an narrow-minded child. It is important for a parent to believe in their children. It gives the child confidence which is one of the building blocks of greatness. In some situations a lack of faith in one’s child could possibly be a positive thing. It could give them motivation to “prove them wrong” yet at the same time it would destroy any chance of a positive relationship. The position of inspiring naysayer should be reserved for Fucking assholes, not parents.

Jim is definitely a parent who believes in his children. He compares them to Copernicus (the man who realized that we revolve around the sun), Edward Jenner (the man who discovered a vaccination for small pox), and Albert Einstein (the man who is regarded as this century’s most prolific paradigm shifter).

Jim also compares his children to Reuben Mattus, the creator of Haagen-Dazs. This is a comparison that I don’t think really works for his thesis but it does work for mine. You see, a child is like an unwritten book. In the early stages of life the world around them (namely the parents) are the authors. It’s important that those parents (authors) who are themselves also books, have some good pieces of knowledge to paraphrase for their children. In other words it’s important that one’s parents know things. Jim Sollisch seems to know things. He knows somewhat trivial things, like who invented Haagen-Dazs (yet that is still a very impressive and rare piece of knowledge). And he also knows all about more important things and people like Edward’s life-saving paradigm shift, stating that “instead of studying people who were sick with the pox, Edward began to study people who were exposed to it but never got sick. He found that they had all contracted a similar yet milder disease, Cow Pox, which vaccinated them against the deadly Small Pox”. Jim not only knows about these people and their discoveries he knows all about how they did what they did. Fuck, that’s what his paper is all about, paradigm shifts. And that is a very useful piece of knowledge.

Jim goes on to state an all too true fact. Our school systems defiantly don’t teach paradigm shifts. I know I was never taught about paradigm shifts, even in high school. Yet I somewhat see why they don’t teach it to us {at least at an early age). Well, first of all they don’t want a bunch of trouble-making question reframers running around. But more to the point they don’t want us to lose focus of what their teaching, because that’s what their teaching, focusing. Focusing is one of the most essential things that you can teach a child, and that’s why they do it. Shifting paradigms is also extremely important, but only on the road to greatness. Actually now that I think about it, they do teach about paradigm shifts in school, that’s where I learned it (from this paper actually). And that’s good and all but I deeply feel that it needs to be taught to younger kids. Albert Einstein was a genius and yet he was a failure in school. I’m sure there are plenty of geniuses that don’t make it to college. Who’s going to teach them about paradigm shifts (although the term “paradigm shift” is just a label for the actual process of thinking differently. And the term doesn’t need to be known to use the process, but it sure helps.)? Who’s going to teach it? I’ll tell ya, Jim Sollish, that’s who. The man who deserves to be a father. The man who stands for things. Most notably that “tomatoes will always be vegetables!” I salute you, Jim. You da man, man. You da man, man.

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