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It was very recently as I was taking inventory of my personal life that I noticed the areas where iam strong and also where I’m weak. The reality was not that of great encouragement, but iam still happy about the fact that it is not too late to work on things where I need to put added effort and enthusiasm to bring out the best in me. Those areas of opportunities I identified within me can be called as strengths and weaknesses.

At first it was hard for me to believe that I had few strengths and more weak nesses. Looking into myself I thank god that he has given me a sound mind and body. With this being in place my responsibility is to maintain and develop and make the best use of it in the context of time. Then comes the role of good moral ethics to be put into the body and mind to make me function as a useful human being. Looking into my past I can be proud of myself that the way I conducted myself in all areas of life maintaining high moral values. Then comes the burning desire within me to be successful in every areas of life such as social, physical and educational. Me being a perfectionist I wanted to achieve the very best in my life. It was this desire within myself that led me to be in school after doing a full time job with enormous amount of responsibilities. Iam convinced about the fact that my desire to succeed is the driving force within me to overcome huge amounts of discouragement in the past and even now.

On the other hand my weaknesses are negative forces, which is a roadblock to my success. Like many others, procrastination is my major area of weakness. Very often the surface reason for procrastination is my fear and doubt about a boring and tedious task. But I believe at the core of procrastination is lack ofmotivation.

The primary reason for me to be a procrastinator is my desire to be a perfectionist. Even though it is a good thing to be perfect in everything you do, yet I often feel reluctant to begin certain reading tasks or projects which are due on my next day at school because I anticipate the possibility of falling short of perfection. I usually put off a number of tasks that I particularly don’t enjoy doing. I feel miserable the more I put things off.

Time management is another area where I need to work on. I always end up doing the right thing at the wrong time. There are months and years that have gone by in my life where I did not make any progress towards my long term goals just because I don’t plan my schedules and set my goals and dreams in the context of time and deadlines. Due to the lack of staying organized I continually waste lot of time searching for documents or items. As a result I do not get adequate amount of time to do my reading and writing exercises due for school.

Lack of persistence is yet another area where I feel inadequate. When I feel like I wasn’t able to accomplish the desired amount, I get discouraged and often loose focus. I start spending more time thinking about how different things would have looked if I would have put more energy into the pursuit of my goals .due to this problem many times I want to start from the beginning and end up wasting lot of time and not being able to finish my work due for school.

Another area of opportunity I see is how poor ia m in prioritizing things. There are programs that interest me a lot in the television, when I have lots of homework to finish. Many times I end up in setting aside the most important and settling down with the least important. At the end when I look at what I had accomplished and where I reached in the pursuit of my goals, I sees’s myself as a failure. The end result is, finally there is too much work and I don’t even feel getting started.

Finally I had to conclude and make a commitment to myself in order to accomplish my long term goals I have to take my each step carefully and to make sure that I keep moving forward persistently without wasting anymore time. This commitment was made with the realization that I wont be perfect, there will be times of discouragement, and time will be flying fast without waiting for anybody. I’ am very much aware about the fact that I need to focus on my goals and not on my circumstances or negative forces. That way I can finally feel fulfillment and can look back and see the rough roads that I had to navigate through. I know Regardless of what the circumstances are, there is only one person who can make a difference, and that one person is I.

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