Marketing principles from mahabharatha

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1) To understand Marketing strategies mentioned in Mahabharatha and understand their relevance to today’s business.

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There are umpteen number of books written on Marketing by authors as reputed as Tom Peters, Al Ries, C.K . Prahalad et al. These books cover every aspect of marketing. So what does one has to learn from Mahabharatha, that too about Marketing? And wasn’t Mahabharatha written in an era when the concept of Marketing did not exist? So how can it teach anything about Marketing? How could have a saint, Veda Vyasa, who did not know anything about Marketing could have written about marketing?

Mahabharatha has contributed immensely to the Indian literature and culture. Its contribution to the fields of strategic Management, HRD, philosophy, politics, Marketing Management, is immense. It has the most important aspect, which many books on Marketing Management clearly fail to mention. Maha Bharatha teaches strategies that are competitor oriented, whereas classical marketing books teach us strategies that are customer oriented.

If you ask Al Ries and Jack trout about the best book ever written on Marketing, they would answer that it is “ Pinciples of war” written by Carl von Clausewitz. But funnily again Carl von Clausewitz lived in an era where the word Marketing was Unknown. His book doesn’t contain a single word like Marketing, customer, advertising or even business. In fact he did not even know the meaning of the word marketing. He also did not write about marketing. But still that book is called as the best ever book written on Marketing. But we don’t know whether Al Ries and Jack trout read Mahabharatha. Had they read it maybe they would have changed their opinion. Because Mahabharatha covers many areas which Clausewitz doesn’t cover.

I here do not claim that Mahabharatha is the ultimate book on Marketing or that it itself is enough to understand Marketing. But I claim with confidence that any study on Marketing is incomplete without reading Mahabharatha. For the sake of convenience I have divided the article into following subheadings

1) Mahabharatha on Campaign planning

) Mahabharatha on Branding

) Mahabharatha on Logos and trademarks

4) Mahabharatha on Negotiation

5) Mahabharatha on Motivation

Those are the common marketing principles discussed by Mahabharatha. Further there are some unique marketing strategies given by Mahabharatha. They are

1) Common enemy strategy

) “Unity at all costs” strategy

) ‘Creating a powerful enemy ’ strategy

4) Marketing strategies of the master strategist-lord Krishna

5) Arjuna’s strategy on small competitors

6) “Offense is the defense” strategy.

7) Decoy Marketing strategy.

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