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William Golding’s Lord of the Flies is much more than a simple story about a few boys stranded on an island. It is an elaborate political allegory with social implications reaching back to the fundamental composition of human nature. Golding’s dark naturalistic predisposition shrouds those inborn qualities as Lord of the Flies provides its reader with an overtly pessimistic perspective on unadulterated civilization (or lack thereof). He is able to do this through a uniquely symbolic demographic. The book’s three main characters represent an abbreviated cross-section of humanity Piggy as the intellectual, Ralph being the proletariat, and Jack acting as a personified anarchist state.

As the story progresses, we see the gradual decline of Piggy’s character, both literally and figuratively. At the book’s inception, we are introduced to a bright young boy, eager to please and offer his intellect to the group for its collective benefit. His brains are recognized solely by Ralph, who discards them as superfluous and an annoyance. But Golding makes a key distinction with Piggy’s character with the fact that his “specs” are an indispensable asset to the group; without them they could not make fire, and ultimately could not have been rescued. Society mocks its savior. This scorn is tragically punctuated with his death near the end of the book.

Ralph is the leader of the group by general consensus, but, like Piggy, his authority undergoes steady compromise with the group’s reversion to savagery. His role in the book is the voice of reason. While not eloquent or brilliant, he brings a sense of moderation with him; a sensible approach to the dilemmas faced by him and his peers. But sensibility and reason are rendered completely ineffectual in an environment of anarchy, and toward the end of the book he is literally running for his life; a mutinous and bloodthirsty mob hot on his trial, led by Jack.

Jack is the antithesis of law and order. He realizes that his only hope of acquiring power is through the destruction of the very society he wishes to control. In order for his authority to be realized, he must eliminate the remnant clinging to traditional societal values, i.e. Ralph and Piggy; whom he hunts and kills respectively. This ruthlessness and brutality is the signature of despotism, and the foundation for such a political trajectory is clearly laid through Jack’s obscene actions.

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Lord of the Flies is a timeless masterpiece. The social and political issues brought to light in Golding’s novel are as much a concern today as they were millennia ago. We see correlations between his work and history in many places from the purges of Stalin to the crucifixion of Christ, the application of Golding’s forewarning and idealisms are endless. Humanity would be well served to heed the wisdom of this great author.

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