Lets Not Beat around the Bush

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George W Bush and his administration must not be allowed to initiate a War on Iraq when his motivations are not noble in the slightest, rather his drive to rid the world of Saddam stems from a misconstrued view of world peace and prosperity for the poor gone sour. What a scary proposition War on Iraq is indeed.

A man of domestic appeal, faceless values and a heart wrenching desire to repress; oppose and discriminate against any impoverished third world nation, whose views differ from his own “Free Democratic World”. Such a simplistic view unfortunately is held by a man who has the power of god beneath his finger tips. While riding into an ambition lit sunrise, on his Texan steed wheedling his six shooters, he continually reminds us of this unjustified, irrational incomprehensible use of power. As the last year has shown little George is ready willing and able to flex his countries military might; not his own! against impoverished nations to accomplish his personal vendettas / goals. In this case the “War on Terror” or War to oust Saddam is merely a cover for the Bush administration to bulk up its already devastatingly superior militarily, to a point where full spectrum military hegemony is reached. Bush’s Regime of terror will surely bread more terror and fanaticism throughout the entire world.

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George W Bush has become what he seeks to destroy a terrorist. By attacking nations aware of the certain civilian casualties, yet ignoring the cries or innocent victims left homeless and without food or water because of relentless American bombing campaigns. Thus disallowing aid organizations to help the poor impoverished people of such countries as Afghanistan. By imposing sanctions upon nations who appose world globalization, restricting they’re trade and subsequently driving them further into the dark ages unless they play ball with a domineering America. George Bush and his team of republicans have now become the world dictatorial judicators deciding who “harbors terrorists” or who aims to “build weapons of mass destruction” (Both of which they posses copious amounts of) without their approval. Israel is of course exempt from this rule and has been given unjustified approval to smash the Palestinian civil society. At every level The Bush administration has fought against the basics of democracy and attempted to concentrate unaccountable government authority in its own hands. Militarization itself is anti-Democratic, but the team (Bush Administration) has attempted to loosen constraints on the CIA, police and to further reduce public access to every kind of information, and constrain freedom of speech. Such acts are only carried out by terrorists, by disallowing freedom of speech, free trade and independent business. America is culling independent nations and independent thinking. Those who do allow themselves to become members of such organizations become resistant to the ever growing capitalistic raging nation of America. They are later labeled as terrorists and seen as radicalized religious junkies instead of what they really are, frustrated alienated innocent human beings. Will this raging empires rein of terror ever end?

Since George W Bush began “beating his War drum” he has claimed that the war on Iraq is purely based upon the threat of weapons of mass destruction threatening the free world. But what he failed to mention is his obvious intention to use it as an excuse to set up military bases amongst the Arab nations ensuring America of a strong military force in and amongst the Islamic community.

In his quest for complete economic and military dominance in the Middle Eastern region George W Bush and his cronies are again trying to belittle a nation whose obvious acquisition of biological weapons has been evident for the past few decades. As Saddam has demonstrated when he fired biological weapons upon his own people killing thousands (March 6th 188, Saddam fired chemical artillery shells into the town of Halabja killing thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians), Yet the UN still wish to use weapons inspectors before they justify an attack on Iraq. Thus allowing America the opportunity to appose yet another UN decision and go out (again) on its own screaming democracy, freedom and a safer world for all. What George W Bush should have announced was this, “In our quest for freedom and justice we will bomb civilian populations relentlessly in Iraq, We will kill for peace and we will terrorize to put an end to terrorism. And we will use this blatant disregarded of life instigated by the terrorists to further militarize our arrogant narcissistic nation”.

“Men who have never seen the horror of war yet are in love with the idea of war”. Men like George W Bush and Dick Cheney are in love with the idea of going into Iraq and forcing peace and prosperity upon a nation with a War, But to what end? The War on Iraq is surly destined for the same apocalyptic consequences as the ones seen in the Vietnam War, The Gulf War and the War in Afghanistan. All three wars were fought over shaky ideologies and both resulted in the innocent massacre of hundreds of thousands of civilian lives both post and during the conflicts. Yet President Bush still pushes for escalated conflict in Iraq. The Gulf War of 11 resulted in the eventual slaughter of more than five hundred thousand children both during and post American involvement in the gulf (They died of malnutrition due to the inability of aid organizations to provide their services and relentless bombing raids on civilian populations). Yet Bush still pledges his undying assurance to begin a long gruesome conflict in Iraq. The Vietnam War resulted in over fifty thousand dead American soldier’s times five wounded, Add to that the millions of Vietnamese killed, hectares of land burnt, bombed and chemically defoliated (stripped of vegetation) and you have a massacre fought over What? The same faceless principles that George W Bush is using to try and invade Iraq. The War on Afghanistan has left millions of displaced persons hollowing away in the dark shattered remnants of what used to be their homes. They face decades of hardship before their life will resemble some sense of normality. Yet Bush still peruses his foolish obsession to create yet another “War of Chaos” in which the civil society in Iraq becomes homeless, hungry and humiliated. Further intensifying their anger toward George Bush, his gutless cabinet and innocent civilians who have not yet seen the full extent of an enraged terrorist. The /11 attacks and the recent Bali and Philippine bombings are only the beginning of what is to come. How can a cowardly man such as Bush have any idea what he is engaging the Western world civil community into?

The Bush administration by draping themselves in an American flag and crying out speeches of freedom, democracy and a free world under attack by terrorism has been able to manipulate the public into a war frenzy. If successful tiny George will take more and more money from bread and butter issues to fund his ever growing military machine, thus further polarizing the wealth in America and further promoting and infuriating escalated terrorism from the Middle Eastern and perhaps Western World. People are neither still, nor stupid. They see their Independence compromised, their resources and land and lives of their children taken away and their accusing fingers are pointing more steadily westward, to the great enclaves of plunder and pillage. But oh how patient the oppressed have been. Terror will continue to spill blood upon our once timid world unless acts of terror such as the “War on Iraq” are shunned with the utmost profanity and vigilance.

Why kill anyone … such insanity


The Material in this piece came from various sources.

1) Internet www.bbc.com, www.australiadaily.com, http//www.wn.com/ from these site over the past months I have been following the contentious issue which is “The proposed War on Iraq”, Particularly in the past week as tensions in the world have escalated due to the Bali and Philippine terrorist Attacks.

) Newspapers from the 15th of September I have read and compiled every related article with regard to the issue. (Herald Sun)

) Personal knowledge Knowing a little about the issue beforehand some of the material in the article is simply product of my own observations over the past few years in relation to America’s foreign policies, and George Bush’s actions in regard to the issues discussed in the Article.

“Free Democratic World”. My own creation

“harbors terrorists” Term used by papers & net frequently

“build weapons of mass destruction” Term used by papers & net frequently

“War on Terror” Term used by papers & net frequently

“beating his War drum” Term used by papers & net frequently

“In our quest for freedom and justice we will bomb civilian populations relentlessly in Iraq, We will kill for peace and we will terrorize to put an end to terrorism. We will us the blatant disregarded of life instigated by the terrorists to further militarize our arrogant egotistic nation”.

My own creation.

PS all quotes used in this article have been sourced accordingly other quotes were merely created by myself to try and help articulate my outrage.

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