HURSTON's sweat

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Hurston’s “Sweat” is about the struggles and hardships in the life of African American woman living in the south. There is also a great deal of adultery in relationships and the dishonesty and heartache it brings into a relationship. The short story not only makes us aware of what some woman must go through but it also gives woman the courage and strength to stand up to their husbands and defend themselves. The physical and mental abuse given to women by their husbands was not necessary. Although the women could not endure it anymore, they had to put up with it. Divorce for them was not much of an option. Women were not wealthy enough to run off with their children and support themselves. Back in these times, most women did not work, their husbands spent their days working and the wives at home with the children. In one part of the story, Delia is in the kitchen and Sykes comes in verbally abusing her, Delia responds “Looka heah, Sykes, you don’t gone too fur. Ah been married to you fur fifteen years, and Ah been takin’ in washin’ fur fifteen years. Sweat, sweat, sweat! Work sweat, cry and sweat, pray and sweat!” She then picks up an iron skillet to defend herself form him. By Delia’s actions and her words, Sykes is surprised and doesn’t say much in response. He simply leaves her alone and walks off. This part of the story gives women as well as men a sense of encouragement and strength to overcome and stand up to abuse. Delia was finally tired of the abuse and bad treatment. With the abuse she also had to deal with the fact that Sykes was cheating on her with another woman. Although she knew he was cheating on her she stayed with him because she felt as if she couldn’t find anyone else. Because of her low self esteem, she stayed with her husband although she was mistreated and abused. Hurston revealed the role of women at a time where women had no voice. She provided women with another way to fight against abuse. Delia’s character shows strength and bravery women need to have to endure abuse.

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