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Does the world appreciate the US and its protection and help? The volunteers of the Peace Corps, the loans, the surplus food we send all should have the affect of creating a grateful world. But with its riches, the US faces jealousy and resentment as well. We walk a fine line when we try to help the world today. If we close the door and ignore the world---we are selfish. When we go out and help the world---we are egotistical, bossy, and pushy. How can we win? And helping the rest of the world when we have hunger (but not starvation) and homelessness keeps some in our country from supporting the aid.

When we choose a president, should we look at their previous jobs? Presidents have been governors, senators, cabinet members, military generals, and vice presidents. Which is the best experience? Vice Presidents know about how the White House works, and as President of the Senate, they know a lot about how the Congress works. Cabinet officers have knowledge of the executive branch that the other candidates do not possess. Senators understand the workings of Congress. Governors have been chief executives so they should have experience working with a legislature, as well as running an executive branch. We have had several governors as President in recent years. But of the list above, they have the least experience in foreign affairs. They do not have an understanding of how Congress really works and how to work with Congress. The lack of these skills means that there will be a longer learning period and mistakes will be made. They donft always understand the need to consult with the Congressional leadership. This costs them programs and policies. Because George W. Bush has internal advice from his father who held so many different positions before becoming president, George W. worked with Congress more than the earlier Governor/Presidents. The front-runner on the Democratic side right now is Howard Dean, former governor of Vermont. Another governor with no national experience. We have only had Senators become president and their programs were more successful because they knew how to work with Congress. They had friends in Congress. The Senatefs co-partnership in treaties and foreign policy is NOT to be ignored.

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