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Globalisation is basically giving the world a way to communicate with one another by new and improved technology. Globalisation is going on around you everyday, everywhere. Some examples are T.V, radio, Internet, and international traveling. Some people strongly believe globalisation is a bad thing, while others are all for it. Then there are those who are for and against globalisation. It’s a tough call, because of course there are advantages, disadvantages, and consequences. This essay will cover those topics and show the good and bad points of globalisation, and try to determine whether it is a negative or positive thing in the world.

Sometimes things seem wonderful on the surface, such as globalisation. People who think of globalisation being a positive thing, probably think of the fantastic things they get out of it, like clothes, money, and entertainment, all great reasons to like it. But all good things come with a cost. The costs in some cases are child labor (in places such as sweatshops), poverty, starvation, discrimination, and violation of human rights.

Globalisation creates a large gap between the rich and poor throughout the world, it also increases environmental problems and destroys some people’s chances to have a fair working environment in the workforce today. Globalisation however has increased the awareness of discrimination against women in some countries, and there are organisations to help stop the inequality, such as the UN, who have been pushing for more rights for women. One thing they have achieved is an International Women’s Day, which is on the 8th of March. Yet this does not stop women from still suffering. Their wages are still very low ($16 a week in some cases), they are abused in many ways, and have less representation in government. But this inequality might not be as bad if there was no globalisation in the first place. Transnational companies like Nike or The Gap wouldn’t have moved their factories around the world and to poorer countries to create jobs in sweatshops, which is where a lot of the abuse, low wages, child labour, and other problems are situated.

People are not the only ones suffering, the environment has as well. With production being spread over several countries from many large transnational companies (Nike, Gap, Addidas) it has become very difficult to lay down minimum rules for the environment. Globalisation implies a risk for the environment, and none of the transnational companies are willing to take any real action.

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Globalisation has a lot of disadvantages and negatives as stated in the previous paragraphs, but it also does have many positives. billion people have been lifted out of poverty in the last 50 years because of globalisation. It has also created more jobs for people all over the world, and created awareness to people of such things as discrimination, abuse, and environmental problems. Now organizations have been formed to help stop these things happening and prevent them from occurring in the future. It is a long slow battle that is being fought by many different groups such as, Amnesty International, WTO, the Kyoto Protocol, S11, to name a few.

Another advantage of globalisation is how information travels the world, like the news and current affairs of cures for cancer and other illness’s, heart research, and medical discoveries.

Overall it can be seen that this essay has been somewhat biased. There is more information written about the negative aspects of globalisation than there is about the positives. This could be because of several different circumstances. There was more information available on the net and in movies about the disadvantages, and because I had also heard more information about the down side of globalisation through other people, I tended to focus more on those bad points. So I think that had an effect on me, and my decision on this topic. But I’m not totally against globalisation, I think its great for a lot of people, and saves a lot of lives, but also many other people will not get to experience the positives, and on the contrary people will also die from it. I would hate to live without globalisation, but I’m very against the negative effects on it. And I hate having to make a definite decision, yes it is good, or no it is bad. I’m one of many who can’t decide easily. But because a decision must be made I would chose that globalisation is a bad thing. I’m a big person on fairness, and it seems the more poor people work the poorer they become, whilst the rich people have become richer. This is basically the only way I could make my decision, and even then it was still very, very hard, and took me quite a while to decide on it. It was basically a game of “eany meany miny mo” for me.

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