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Throughout music no guitar player has ever been as good as angus young! his guitar the gibson sg is one oMinorities During 1

Over the last twenty years immigration has been on the rise. The number of legal immigrants entering the country more than tripled from 180 until 1.

The reason is simply because a lot of families are sick of living in countries that have nothing to offer them. They all want to come here and start a new life as a free citizen in the United States of America.

Women and African Americans have also gone through many changes in 1. Women are now being hired for important political roles. Jannett Reno was elected by President Clinton to be the first women Attorney General. Many other women would end up to be leaders or owners of large businesses. Women are standing up for their rights as citizens, and they are winning the fight for equality.

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African American’s voices are being heard. Rodney King was beaten by a couple of dirty, racist police officials. Because of this, the two men stood trial, and were sent to prison because of this. Throughout American history African Americans, and other minorities such as Asians, and Hispanics have been mistreated. They are being seen as a big part of American culture.

Native Americans in the United States have always been in the headlines for equal rights. Their living conditions in 1 actually improved because of a large number of Indian Reservations being built up throughout the Midwest and the West. On the reservations they make a major part of their money because of the large number of casino’s and hotels that they own. They are also making money in small shops selling hand made artifacts such as quilts, rugs, mats, and many wooden pieces. The rise is the reservations means a rise in homes for many of the tribe’s people who need homes to live in. The government is also paying them more money in order for them to expand their land area’s.

Even as the rise of legal immigrants rose, the need for jobs also got much larger. This created a huge problem. Immigrants moving into the country had very hard times finding jobs, and even places to live. There were some neighborhoods that had a big problem of immigrants moving into the same area that they had been living in all their lives.

In the year 1 there had been many changes that minorities in the United States had gone through. The number of immigrants entering the country was on the rise, but because of Bill Clinton’s plan the number of housing developments was growing through the United States. This meant better living conditions, and a better opportunity for immigrants to set roots and start a new life. Minorities of all kind in this country were now being given better paying jobs, and some people of different races were now being hired for government jobs, and business presidents.

Although the changes in 1 gave people a better chance in making a living, America still has a long way to go to get total equality.

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