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In Gattaca directed by Andrew Nical, the main character Vincent is faced with many obstacles. Some of these obstacles are his genes, his height, and the murder investigation.

Firstly Vincent’s genes are an obstacle. In the movie Gattaca genes determine your life. Vincent is born with defects such as, a life expectancy of 0. years, % heart disorder, manic depression 4%, ADD 8%, and neurological problems 60%. Because of this Vincent does not have perfect genes, meaning he is an ‘In-Valid’, and he is not able to get into Gattaca. Vincent overcomes this problem by becoming Jerome Morrow a ‘Valid’ (perfect genes). He does this by having blood and urine sachets for tests, body matter from Eugene (Jerome), finger prints, and is always well groomed to make sure he does not leave any of his real self in Gattaca.

Another obstacle that Vincent faces is his height. Vincent is told he is too short to become Jerome Morrow. This problem nearly ruin his chances of getting into Gattaca but Vincent is determined to get into Gattaca, so to overcome this problem Vincent goes through with the operation to make him taller. Vincent is left with scars and painful memories but he believes that it was worth it.

Lastly the murder investigation is an obstacle faced by Vincent. When the Mission Director is found murdered the chances of Vincent’s true identity being found out is much greater. Gattaca and its employees are under investigation. Vincent is faced with random urine and blood tests, the checkpoint where he has to take out his contacts and also the discovery of his eyelash. The obstacle of the murder investigation is overcome by the exposure of the real murderer, the Director.

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So in conclusion, during the film Gattaca Vincent is faced with many problems but manages to overcome them all.

Essay Question Describe an important idea/theme in this movie & explain why it was important.

In Gattaca directed by Andrew Nical an important idea is ‘what determines fate?’ There are many factors in this important idea, such as genes, discrimination and determination.

Firstly, genes are a factor in the important idea ‘what determines fate?’ In this society genes are thought to control your fate. Vincent does not have perfect genes also known as an ‘In-Valid’, some of his defects include, 0. years life expectancy, % heart disorder, manic depression 4%, ADD 8%, and neurological problems 60%. All these defects in his genes are thought to control Vincent’s fate. But remember ‘there is no gene for fate.’

Discrimination is another important factor in the important idea ‘what determines fate?’ In the movies Gattaca they discriminate on the basis of genes. Because Vincent is an ‘In-Valid’ he is discriminated against in ways such as job interviews, they only want employees with perfect genes. Because of the discrimination in this society it limits what Vincent can achieve in his life, therefore affecting his fate.

Lastly determination is a factor in the important idea in the important idea ‘what determines fate?’ In Gattaca determination his shown to be more important that genes. “No-one exceeds their potential? And if he does? It simply means we did not accurately gauge his potential in the first place” Vincent’s determination makes him exceed his potential. He fulfilled his dream, which he had been told he could not achieve.

In conclusion, in the movie Gattaca genes, discrimination, and determination are all factors in the important idea ‘what determines fate?’

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