Emma’s Hard Life

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Emma had a very hard life, but she is the reason that she did have such a hard life. She was self-centered all her poor life. The main reason she even married Charles was to leave the farm. She wanted to see something new she wanted to see the world. Once she got married, moved out and most of the romances were off, she started to read books and dream about how she wished her husband would be like.

She would spend all day reading and dreaming. Eventually all that she had read she thought was right. She thought that it would not hurt anything if she cheated on Charles. And once she did that she wanted more and more until she borrowed large sums of money to purchase clothing and other fineries, committed adultery and swallowed arsenic to get her out of all of her misery. She did all of this for her own pleasure.

She did not think that she would have thought that from reading those books and dreaming about some perfect husband would lead her into the lying queen. Emma would lie about everything even about the side of the rode she walked on. Emma’s heart was empty and was missing something she tried to fill it with things that did not last and that just lead from one sin to the next. Until she was buried so far into her own sin that she could not escape. So she decided to poison herself. Once she got herself started she could not spot she just kept on digging her self in deeper and deeper and deeper still. At one point Emma did even go to church for help but she did not go of God but for the priest she knew. So that did not last either.

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