Does Gun Conrtol Save Lives?

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Does Gun Control Save Lives?

James Q. Wilson’s essay is not realistic because his outlook toward racial profiling, questionable statistics, and unrealistic proposals are too far fetched for this day in time. Gun control is a major topic among most Americans, and I do agree with what Wilson’s view is. However, if an assailant is trying to jump you right now, which of the over 10,000 gun control laws presently in the judicial system in this country would you rely on to save your life?

Wilson may be right when he says “about one-sixth of the handguns used by serious criminals are purchased from a gun shop or pawnshop.” Obviously most criminals will not register for their guns. Most criminals obtain their guns from the black market. For this reason, even if a firearm is recovered from a crime scene, it can not be tracked back to the criminal. Registering for guns serves no crime fighting purpose. It only makes life more difficult for gun owners who seek only to protect themselves and their families.

In paragraph three, Wilson thinks it’s too dangerous for the average citizen to try and apprehend criminals and the police are there to protect us. Unfortunately, the reality today is the police will not be there when you need them. If you are attacked by a violent criminal, you will only have a few seconds to react. Even a police response of four or five minutes, will be too long.

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In paragraph eleven, Wilson also writes “Handgun owners are more likely to shoot themselves or their loved ones than a criminal.” I think he may be generalizing ‘loved ones’ with acquaintances. With the broad definition of “acquaintances” used by most police crime reports, most victims are indeed classified as knowing their attacker. However, what is not made clear is that acquaintance murder primarily includes drug buyers killing drug dealers, cabdrivers killed by first time customers, gang members killing other gang members, prostitutes killed by their clients, and so on. Typically, murders are not your average citizen. Murderers are overwhelmingly young males who have difficult times getting along with others. Furthermore, unfortunately, Wilson is correct when he lets his readers know that murder is excessively against blacks and by blacks.

If the police did a good job protecting us there would be no murders, no rapes, no assaults, no robberies or any other personal crimes. We would not need alarms in are cars, homes or offices. We would be able to walk and drive anywhere we wanted any time of day. But that is not the case.

It is clear that guns, when morally deployed, preserve civilization on both an individual and social scale. To ban guns would be to remove our last, and in many cases, only civilizing influence.

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