Beowulf Response (Hero)

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Beowulf Response

Do the heroes in comic books today have the same qualities of those in Beowulf’s time and era, or do they differ? Do they have the strength, wisdom, and bravery as they did thousands of years ago? There are many different qualities that each hero contributes to his time; they show these abilities and traits through demonstrating their heroic behavior.

Each hero, whether it be a policeman, firefighter, or the average dad or mom, has special achievements that make him or her stand out of the crowd to various people; such as, saving people from burning buildings or “catching the bad people”. Many children today believe that a hero is a man in spanking tights and a cape flying around the city of New York, though, fighting unrealistic villains while making the world a better place to live in. But they fail to realize that the modern day heroes are their neighbors, parents, teachers, and emergency rescue personnel. Anyone that makes a contribution to the world to make it a better place to live in deserves the recognition of being my modern day hero.

Each everyday “hero” makes a contribution; from the police laying their lives on the line to free our world from the “villains”, to the many firemen (volunteer included) who run into burning building to put out the fires and save those families who could have died, consider also teachers who have to deal with our behavior during the long school days while giving us our knowledge to continue on, not to mention all medical employees. These are my modern day heroes. These are the men and women of today who help us live on to the next day of our lives.

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The men and women that run into those burning buildings, throw themselves in front of bullets to not let the victims be harmed or those that fight as hard they possibly can to save a life dying on an operating table show examples of the modern day hero. Their heroic behavior is shown through their everyday jobs and lives. All these individuals show bravery, courage, wisdom and strength everyday.

Heroes today compared to those eons ago do not differ as much we expect that they should. They may have changed in brute strength, but their bravery, courage, wisdom, and knowledge has not. Their qualities will forever remain the same. Heroes are not based on how strapping they look in leotards and long engulfed material, but how they think and act.

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