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Central at five ofclock in the morning

Five ofclock in the morning. An awkward time it was, one which many would not have ventured in fear of the unknown. The station was under a guise of darkness, a fearful yet fragile covering in which sight and sound were virtually useless because of the lack of existence. Every now and then a train would rumble past, followed by a cacophonous string of words announcing the next train and safety warnings which in turn were accentuated by the speakers, positioned a few meters apart above the prying heads of many that would fill the station in only a few hours. This very sound and others, echoed through the platform, interposed by none except for the very air which greeted them, slowly killing them as they journeyed away. Despite of the hour, a number sauntered here and there, disappearing into the thick mist that masked the platform. The only tangible was the moon which with its light pierced the opacity like a knife through flesh. It was clearly visible but hovered, lonely above the platform. Undoubtedly, the sequential nature of time had molded Central Station into a tranquil, placid devitrification of lifelessness.

Central Station at five ofclock in the evening

An endless see of men met the eye at Central Station at one of the peak hours which it endured. It stood, full of life, an ant in an ants nest, serving the queen. They would scatter here and there, scurrying about, trying to get the upper hand in the never ending battle between man and time. They cared not about anyone else, as if it was one man for himself as he pushed his way through the crowd to get to their Queen. It was indeed a dysfunctional demeanor, much like that of ants amid an array of sugar. The monotonous voice from the speakers struggled with their tedious travail in a quest to enlighten the public commuters with train times and safety warnings. However, this was to an assemblage of stubborn people, those who were more interested in settling their garrulity then the dissemination that was being issued to them. As a result, the once clear and dominating voice of the platform was lowered to a meek offering of information. Trains came and left with their trademark gchug-a-chugh while others stayed, rooted in their tracks. The platform felt the strain of so many commuters but labored on to achieve its goal of getting through the day. The tracks screamed in pain as each train moved upon it on a minute basis. The very cement screeched at each footstep. Sight as it were was reduced to a few meters if not centimeters as visual obstructions were many in number. Also many in number were the odors that onefs nose would have picked up on. While being lively, a cognation of the very same people who breathed it through their systems, it was a unique sharp scent mostly from the oil used to line the tracks, food, sweat and the cement that covered the ground and ensured that it would provide a safe walking area for public transport users. What a surprise it was, in only a space of twelve hours, a tranquil platform would metamorphosis into a vibrant, lively centre of travel.

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