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An ugly man, that looked like a frog,(www.fbuch.com) or maybe a toad, that was married times. The last being a woman of great beauty! I dont think so, because she has the unabrow action going. This man was Diego Rivera. Diego Rivera was born in December 8th, 1886 in Guanajuato(Venezia). His parents were Diego and Maria Barrientos. He had a very vivid imagination and liked to play in the forest with his goat. At a very young age, Diego showed his love for art and drew on everything. He liked to draw inventions and mechanical parts of his toys that he would take apart. His father even had to cover the walls with canvas(Venezia). When he turned 10, officially declared that he wanted to become and artist, so he was enrolled part time in to San Carlos Art Academy in Mexico City(Venezia). Later he was enrolled full time. There he developed his art and got his art background of Spain, France, and Italy. His role model was Jose Posado who¡¯s drawings were so colorful that they would look like they would jump up and move about(Venezia). Because of Jose, Diego wanted to paint paintings of everyday life. When Diego turned 0, he moved to Europe and befriended many famous artists like Picasso. He had a kind of road trip picking up different styles here and there. This is where he saw a fresco which is painting on fresh plaster. He reintroduced the idea. When WWI began, Diego returned to Mexico because of his nationalistic pride in spite of being asked to follow a friend to Russia. In 1, Diego joined the revolutionary Union of Technical Workers and later the communist party(www.fbuch.com). His wife, Frida Kahlo who was also a painter, was very supportive of Diego, as she shared the same revolutionary feelings. In the 10s Diego made a series of trips to the United States, painting various murals, with his most famous Fresco being in Detroit. He also made cameo appearances in his own paintings. You will also notice that his frescos match the surroundings. His paintings were also very controversial. They had people having their backs to the viewers and that offended the people. When in 1 when was painting Man at the Crossroads, a portrait was destroyed of Lenin in the Soviet Union. After painting some more, Diego returned to Mexico. Diego wanted his paintings to express the past and give hope for the future. He also wanted all to enjoy his painting, that¡¯s why he started to paints frescos. The Frescos were about the working people. His best frescos were in Mexico City. They were painted on public buildings for everyone to see such as churches, schools, hospitals, hotels, and government buildings. He still painted the traditional way and liked to draw pictures of beautiful women. How he got women to pose for him is a mystery because he is a very ugly man. Being one of the best artists of the 0th century, Diego also liked politics and was considered a radical. He was a controversial figure because of these beliefs and his attacks on the church and clergy. He was especially interested in the politics and military of the Soviet Union. He was in the communist party of Mexico and had a voice that was heard in political meetings. He was a central force in the development in Mexico and he also brought forth the WPA. Diego was a man who never let anything stay unfinished and he always expressed himself no matter what other people said. He painted what he wanted, and he painted what he felt. His passion for art as well as his revolutionary cause for the development of his country stayed with him unto the very day he died, which is at the age of 70, in 157.

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