Worth Dying For

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When I was in first grade I had a hero. No, it wasnt Joe Montana. No, it wasnt Jose Conseco. I didnt think much of Arnold Schwartzenagger. It wasnt Jerry Rice, Christopher Columbus, or Babe Ruth. I didnt have a thing for firemen or the county sherriff. My dad wasnt even my hero, and thats almost forbidden to say. I idolized my next door neighbor Bryce. Bryce was every bit of four feet-ten inches tall, and weighed almost ninety pounds. (A man at age 7) Bryce could build anything, tackle anybody, climb any tree, kill any wasp, out-eat any living human, out-run any first grader, throw further than my dad, lift three times his weight and he feared nothing and nobody. He could even beat Mario Bros. in just three days. He was da man! Bryce could always beat me in anything we tried. He could pin me in seconds or knock me out with one punch, but for some reason he sometimes let me win. I thought I was da man just because I got to hang out with da man.

Bryce loved to go to the Lehi pool to go swimming. He would never fail to invite me, and usually my mother would let me go. He would always stay in the shallow section with me even though he could swim in water that was deeper than one hundred feet.

It was Saturday, and on the way into the pool we met this blond-haired girl. I think her name was Melissa. Bryce knew her from somewhere. I cared more about how ugly the colors of my swimming suit looked to pay much attention to her. When we got into the pool the stupid girl would not leave us alone, or at least Bryce. I couldnt believe what a pair of lips she was. She went on and on about every cool and stupid thing that had ever happened to her. It drove me nuts. I told them both so, and to my surprise da man defended her. I then got the biggest lecture Id ever known. Bryce got mad at me and told me to knock it off or I wouldnt get a ride home with his mom. (Hows that for blackmail?)

Have you ever been so close to crying that you couldnt see? Well thats what happened, and its a good thing that water has chlorine or else I wouldnt have had a wet-eye-excuse. Bryce told me not to be such a baby and that if I wanted to hang out with him and Melissa, Id have to go over to the deep part with them. With that he ditched me and swam away with her.No problem, I shrugged and grabbed the sides of the pool with both hands. They couldnt tread water forever, and they would have to return to the edge sometime. After a minute of following an evil realization struck me. They were standing in the deep part � they didnt need the side. I was officially ticked then. Nobody steals my best friend and doesnt return him. It was time to learn how to swim.

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I think I lost control of myself then, because the next thing I knew, I was standing on the edge of the high dive looking down three hundred feet to the bottom of the pool. I had to squint to see the distant water below me. I saw myself there beneath the killer waves, my head disconnected from my body. My arms shriveled up with weakness. I was an outlaw facing a firing squad. In mid-thought I stepped off. I spun around, but even with my Indiana Jones quickness my fingers missed the board.

I learned just how a fly feels when it hits the windshield. My insides were rising above my ears. I felt suspended above the water for an eternity. My legs rotated full force around me. I would have shot across the pool if I could walk on water. Why was I doing this? O, Bryce! Da Whimp. I was killing myself just for him. If I lived though this I wasnt ever going to speak to him again.

My body tilted ever so slightly and I hit the water in sprawled position. I could hear the oohs and aahs from ten feet under. Somehow I managed to crawl across the bottom of the pool, and then up the sides to air. I said to myself that friendship was not worth dying for. From then on I convinced myself that I would not do some drastically stupid thing just for a friends attention. Although I didnt know it at the time, I was thinking of peer pressure, and Ive never yielded to drugs or any harmful substances because of a friend. I like to say this is because of the lesson that I learned at the Lehi Pool. And its true. Whenever Ive been asked to do something that I thought was stupid, Ive thought back to what I learned there. My belly flop always comes to mind. And, of course, I never talked to Bryce again, until the next day.

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