Transcendetalism vs Antitranscendentalism

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Throughout literature’s history, authors have shown deeper ideas than the common person has. Transcendentalism, is the belief that human senses can know only physical reality and that if you explore nature you would come to know yourself as well as the universe, is one of these ideas. “The Rhodora” by Ralph Waldo Emerson is truly a transcendental work. Another idea is the opposite, Anti-transcendentalism, which focused more on the limitations and destructiveness of the human spirit. The Minister’s Black Veil by Nathaniel Hawthorne is an anti-transcendentalist work.

The Rhodora is clearly a transcendentalist poem. This poem is about human beings respectively sharing the earth with nature under a common God or superior being. This is shown with the quote “The self-same power that brought me there, brought you”. There is also a constant symbol of wind that represents the oversoul that we all have. In a whole the Rhodora symbols the common transcendental belief, that all humans have an inner beauty, and thus make the world beautiful. This is shown with the quote, “The purple petals, fallen in the pool, made the black water with the beauty gay”. Transcendentalism is shown no clearer than in The Rhodora.

The minister’s Black Veil is definitely an anti-transcendental work. This piece of literature shows the true nature of people. They seem to seek out and believe the worst in people. Instead of asking why Parson Hooper wore the veil, they chose to assume the worst. Some even thought he was going insane. Anti-transcendentalism includes a pessimistic view towards human nature. This is shown with the symbolism of the veil itself. The veil represents the underlying sin that all humans obtain. It is also shown by human’s fear of the unknown. We would rather runaway than to find out the truth. Also, because there is no vivid description of nature at all, this could never be a transcendentalist work. The Minister Black Veil definitely focuses on the human’s negative aspects.

As one can see, “The Rhodora” by Ralph Waldo Emerson and The Minister’s Black Veil by Nathaniel Hawthorne are distinct displays of each author’s belief and ideas. Both literatures are opposite to each other in every way. However each one has the truth within.

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