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People tend to get mistreated because of what they did and they get punish for it physically and mentally. Regardless if they try to get away, the shame still stays with them wherever they go. Each place has its own rules and justice. In the forest where everything is wild, unlike the forest, the city of Boston is civilized. In The Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel Hawthorne, the forest represents freedom and wilderness, and the town represents oppressions and justice.

Pearl is Hester and Minister Dimmesdale child, she’s “that little creature, whose innocent life has sprung…out of the rank luxuriance of a guilty passion.” Hester and Minister Dimmesdale committed adultery because of temptations. Temptations are hard to fight and so they both gave into that temptation and Pearl is the consequence. Pearl and her mother lived in the forest with no rules and regulations. She turns out to be unmanageable, forcing Hester to let her do what she wants. Eventually, Hester [is] ultimately compelled to stand aside, and permit the child to be swayed by her own impulses. Hester gave up on controlling Pearl so she just let her have her ways. Pearl shows a love of mischief and a disrespect of authority, which reminds Hester of her own sin. Pearl lacked the respect for “human ordinances or opinions, right or wrong,” and for the social rules. She speaks her mind and isn’t afraid to hold back anything. As an innocent child, free from the restriction of organized systems, Pearl is able to understand the interpretation of human experience. Pearl and her mother was excluded from the circle of “respectable” society, so every time they walk she finds herself being surrounded by the curious children of the town. Having been scorned by the Puritans all her young life, Pearl is furious when other children approach her, going so far as to throw stones and screams at them. She has no social skills and no interaction with other children. The Puritans punished her mother by making her wear the scarlet letter, so pearl is the living version of the scarlet symbol. The forest has made Pearl into a rebel child, and the town made her into a person full of hatred.

Hester Prynne, a young woman of the community of Boston, has been found guilty of adultery, and she has been sentenced to wear her “sin by a scarlet letter”. The Puritan belief is “that sin not only permeates our world but that it should be actively sought out and exposed so that it can be punished publicly”. Exposing sin is meant to help the sinner and provide an example for others, but Hester punishment only gave the townspeople a chance to convince themselves of their own sins by criticizing her as loudly as possible. Rather than seeing their own sinfulness in Hester, the townspeople see her as someone whose crime outweigh their own sins. She had to face many of the cruel-faced women of Boston who thinks her punishment is not enough and instead she should be sentence to death or have a branded A on her forehead. For every crime a person commits there are consequences to it and Pearl is the consequence of Hester’s crime as the town people see it. But to her, Pearl is her “mother’s only treasure”. Everything was taken away from Hester, her pride and dignity. She has nothing left but her daughter.

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The men who sit in the judgment “had no right” to meddle with a question of human guilt, passion and anguish. Everyone has sinned before, so they don’t have the authority to judge Hester. No one has the right to judge Hester except God. After her imprisonment has ended, she’s free to go anywhere but she does not leave Boston; she chooses to move into a “small thatched cottage by the sea, on the outskirt of town”. This shows that Hester does not need to run away or live a life of lies in order to resist the judgment against her. In the forest, where she has her own privacy and her own freedom to do whatever it is she wants. Everything she does isn’t being watched or being judged for. Hesters social life is basically eliminated as a result of her shameful history. She is treated so poorly that often preachers will stop in the street and start to deliver a lecture as she walks by. Even though Hester is not a Puritan, she still accepts her punishment. The town people have made her into a stronger person, and the forest has given her, her independence.

Minister Dimmesdale is a devoted servant of God. But yet he committed adultery with Hester Prynne and is the father of her little girl, Pearl. He is seen as the most respective in the community, and people would never think that he would commit such a sin. He “concealed” his “sin” and that had tormented his conscience. He doesn’t want to loose respect of his community so he has to hide it and live a life of lies. Instead of confessing his sin, he punished himself by whipping himself till he bleeds. He lived a deceiving life because he doesn’t want to admit that he sinned against the Puritan God whom he serves. He’s a weak man who can’t take the humiliation and punishment for his crime that Hester had faced which he committed with her. Hester chooses to meet Dimmesdale in the forest where it is a place of privacy and intimacy. It is “wild” and “natural”, excluded by any man rules or code. Hester and Dimmesdale crossed the line between two worlds, the codified Puritan town and the “wild” and “natural” Indian settlement, where they are able to express their love for each other without anyone knowing, the only one that knows is the trees. He faced the decision of being a good Puritan or being a good follower of God. He chose to be a good Puritan and hid his shameful sin from everyone, but yet he tortured himself to make him feel less guilty.

Hester, Pearl, Minister Dimmesdale were all treated differently in the town, but it was in the forest where their secrets were hidden. It was a sacred place for them to show their true individuality. In the town, where they have to follow the rules, they were treated like prisoner; where in the forest where they were all treated with liberal

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