Public Internet, Freedom of information?

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How would most people feel if someone walked up to them and said they

couldnt look at the Mona Lisa or other works of art, or that they

could no longer read certain bits of news because they were to graphic.

Most people would not stand for it. So why do so many people let the

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government and public facilities install programs to sensor what they

can and cant view on the Internet.

There are many programs that have appeared recently to protect young

and more sensitive people from certain topics on the Internet. However,

the largest portion of these programs not only keeps people out of smut

sites as they are supposed to, but also sites involving legitimate

information because of words in the title. (I.e. Research on breast

cancer and other sites with words that have been designated

Restricted) or disallow viewing of any site that has not been rated through

their system. This may be fine for personal computers where parents

decide that young children might stumble upon more questionable sites.

But when programs such as this are employed in schools and libraries

where people might be looking for this legitimate information it

becomes problematic at a minimum. The government also should not have

the right to take away ours under the false guise of it being for our

own good.

Also there have been attempts to sensor things on a larger scale.

China, for instance, has restrictions on all access to any and all

sites that might incite ideas of democracy and more freedom amongst its

people. Our own government has seized sites on hacking and numerous

sites providing information that could be turned too destructive

purposes. And for now no one objects because of the largely publicized

violent acts of recent years. But the truth of the matter is that this

knowledge is available anyway because so many people have access to the

internet and can post this kind of thing, and it would not take much to

move from this to seize upon ideas that are posted that might be

considered dangerous, after all many literary works have become

censored due to content. Legislation could be passed almost unnoticed

to put restrictions on sites that have ideas that people dont like,

after all that’s basically what censoring is, people in high places

finding something offensive and pushing it out as such on others.

Then there is the programs themselves. They are sometimes costly to

develop and largely ineffective due to the massive amounts of

information that is posted even daily online for that which is

considered questionable and more people seek it out to see what it is

that is considered so bad. Also there is the point that many people can

get through the restrictions with ease supposing they have a bit of

knowledge. My school has, supposedly, tried to block access to hotmail

accounts to keep students from accessing email at school though I know

many who have found ways around this if they truly have.

There is also the fact that most Americans, in fact most people in

general, would in all likely hood resent having a babysitter holding

their hand when they go places. However there has been debate recently

as to whether or not such programs should be aloud to be put in public

places like schools and libraries. [Proponents of this say that if they

are government helps to fund these institutions then it should be able

to pass rules over them. But what if someone is trying to look up

information on a subject that has become inadvertently restricted.

Would it not make more sense to leave the institutions to make their

own rules as to what can and cannot be accessed, most people do tend to

try to follow the rules. Especially true if they access it at such

institutions because they do not personally have it.

Again I must stress the fact that large-scale regulation of the

Internet is both wrong and inefficient. People should not just silently

accept what they are given. Write senators and other officials, join

newsgroups do whatever you can to stay informed.

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