Nazi Germany plan

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Intro Give definition,, re write the question, brief what will be written.

-Fascism, the political movement with totalitarian principles endorsed the establishment of an extreme right wing nationalist regime,

- the Nazi Party during the turbulent period of the 10s in Nazi Germany…..

-Dictator Adolf Hitler introduced Nazism; a political movement based by the Nazi Party’s formed ideologies on the fundamentals of fascism.

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-Hitler and the Nazi party’s employed political tactics of propaganda, censorship, control and organisations allowed for the strategic enhancement of a dominant Aryan race and the upsurge of nationalist passion for their ‘fatherland’ Germany.

- Germany’s economic instability, society’s desolate condition and political frailty attributed to the mass appeal of fascism in Germany during the 10s.

Paragraph 1 Economic/Social factors.

Germany’s economic crisis and society’s bleak condition during the 10s endorsed the mass appeal of fascism for the German people.

DAWES PLAN in 14…..pay what could…USA Eco. Depression after Wall st. crash(October 14)… U.S demanded repayments of loans.

Die Krise(the crisis)

Germany was worse affected…began in 1

Companies bankrupt…no need for workers. 6,000,000 people were out of work by 1.

Treaty of Versailles….took blame for war….had to pay reparations…..6.5 billion marks…”stab in the back theory”

Cost of goods increased…HYPERINFLATION- creating more and more money but it’s still worthless.

People were desperate

Needed leader…had to listen to Hitler….ONLY HOPE

Failure to deal with the depression.

Hitler’s last chance…Reichstag elections…107 seats for Nazi Party.


People blamed Government for not handling the Depression well.

Paragraph Political Tactics

Hitler and the Nazi party’s strategic use of political tactics endorsed the great attraction of fascism amongst German society.

Through Censorship, the NP.erased all views bar their own. Wouldnt let the German people read anything…children only learnt of Nazi views and how to live..nothing else. All books were burnt or destroyed..when it was all gone, propaganda began eg. Burning of books.

Propaganda- greatest form of power.. Brainwashed the Germans to believe they were superior to all, that the Aryan race was superior…saying that Jews were scum, paedophiles….

Uniforms, parades, posters, speeches, videos, books…eg. Video of Jews been depicted as rats, and that they should be exterminated… which led to the eventual genocide of 6 million Jews

Led to German society’s approval of the elimination of Jews thus creating the perfect Aryan race.

Influence of the radio (goebbels used it)…relayed message to everyone…Supported strength of the youth and women as good mums.

Effect of the Swastika.

Control Recruited disgruntled-unemployed military men. Secret Police(controlled by Himmler…wore a uniform, promoted order and organisation. Bashed opponents, rowdy..intimidated commies and Jews…eg.ENABLING ACT .. Hitler made own laws.

OrganisationSA-storm troopers or brownshirts.created by Ernst Rohm.Security Org.

SS Protection Squad security services and programmes of mass murder. took charge of all German police organizations, including the Gestapo.

Gestapo created by Goering .. secret police of the nazi party.

Hitler Youth- German Nazi youth Organisation. Led ruthlessly by Baldur Von Schirach. Taught the youth about nazism..they wore uniforms, marched,, they loved the military effect. Hitler told the Youth, “you my boys, the young of Germany live in a fortunate time. And one day you will rule the world!”

Paragraph Adolf Hitler

Nazi party leader Adolf Hitler demanded the support of his nation state through a nationalist fascism appeal, his fanatical personality and patriotic principles.

Personality He was very charismatic, a ladies man…always presented himself well.. Patriotic. Very outspoken.

Had the power to influence a crowd with his speeches. Often pauses for a minute to get the full attention of the audience before he spoke. Very warm to his visitors.

Some would say the second most influential man ever, behind Jesus.

Didn’t like dirty or political jokes… Only love was his mother…Many bad points though..had sadistic views on the perfect Aryan race. Determined yet angry man. Despised people who didn’t share the same view he did. Obsessed with conquest.

Popular but evil.

Was a dedicated and courageous soldier in WWII.. winning the iron cross twice.. the first he said, was the happiest day of his life.

Views Although he had control of Germany.. he wanted more living space “Lebensraum” for him and his people. Wanted Germany to be the power it once was, and to lead it into prosperous times.

He saw all Jews as scum and thieves and wanted them exterminated.

On His Mission “Thus did I now believe that I must act in the sense of the almighty creator by defending myself against the Jews I am doing the Lords work.”

On Race “All the human culture, all the results of art, science, and technology that we see before us today are almost exclusively the creative product of the Aryan.

On Force “Mankind has grown great in eternal struggle and only in peace does it perish- Only terror is capable of smashing terror.


-At a time of economic, social and political disarray,

-Germany advanced as a nation state through the political principles administered by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime.

- Fascism, Nazism, nationalism and socialism gave legitimacy for the fast paced progression of Germany and its social conditions.

-Fascism’s large appeal lay solely in the palm of Hitler’s hands,….

--His overwhelming popularity and fanatical regime is historically remembered for the terror of his actions and the power of his words.

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