Napoleon Bonaparte And the effect he has had on the world

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Napoleon I (176-181), also known as Napoleon Bonaparte, Born crowned himself emperor of the French. He was one of the greatest military leaders of his time, and one of the greatest generals in history. Napoleon was also an excellent administrator. He introduced many useful reforms, including the creation of a strong central government and the revision and organization of French laws into collections called codes. His effect on government is well understood, and will most likely be felt forever. The effect he has upon the modern world and government is due to his personality, talent, and will, and not due to just circumstance.

To understand Napoleon’s effect on the world and how he managed to do so strongly, you must know Napoleon’s accomplishment and how he went about them.

Born from an unlikely source, Napoleon’s parents were wealthy nobles who lived lavishly. From a young age he had a strong dedication to government. From the time he was young,

Napoleon was making waves wherever he went, as he would throughout his military and political careers. Early in the French military, Napoleon soared in rank and in stature with officers. In the early 170’s, Napoleon was already making a name for himself with the revolution, but in quite a different manner than he would later in life � fending off revolutionaries!

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His ability to lead was shown in 175 when he single-handedly defended a National Convention with amazing cannon fire. This ability to stand alone and work brought him higher in rank, and got him promoted to major general and was gaining a strong backing with some of the public for his heroic fighting skills.

One of Napoleon’s finest hours in all eyes except Austrian, Napoleon was went to the French-Italian border to lead a small army of 8,000 underfed, poorly-prepared soldiers against a large Austrian army. The original goal was not to win the battle on the border, but to simply occupy the Austrians. Spelling clearly out Napoleons ability to lead and have an effect on the world, he not only occupied the army, but also destroyed four more Austrians battalions. He did so with great military knowledge and vision, but lead the army with a fervor that was unknown to France until then. This strong fervor was based in Nationalism (pride in one’s country) and this base would be a common theme later in Napoleon’s reign.

When Napoleon returned to Paris after defeating Austria, he already had political ambitions, but he felt that he didnt have enough influence to gain control of the government. Rather than attempting to gain political influence, he focused on the military still.

After a failed plan to invade Egypt to ruin British trade, Napoleon was forced to return to Paris, stranding his men in Egypt. Soon after, a coalition was formed between recently defeated Austria, Great Britain, and the Ottoman Empire. Although this coalition seemed insurmountable, Napoleon would yet again prevail when he returned to France.

After a failed peace attempt, Napoleon trekked through the Alps with his army to meet a surprised Austrian army, which Napoleon again made short work of. With Austria again defeated, Great Britain and the Ottoman Empire dropped out, and Europe was at peace.

Napoleon has always proven that he makes history, history doesn’t make him. He has done so in several ways, showing that without such a fine general, the French army would be just mediocre, and also as an administrator showing he gets what he wants, no matter the cost. Soon after the peace in Europe, with the Revolution roaring, Napoleon would take full advantage of an opportune time, and would prove HE is the character behind French history.

Making one of his most lasting impressions, Napoleon developed the Napoleonic Codes, which would be the laws for France for hundreds of years, and are still the basis of law in France today. The codes were simple, but brought out the ideals which the revolution was working for, which included religious freedom and abolition of Serfdom.

For years after, Napoleon would attempt to spread France to the Western Hemisphere and several other areas of the world. To spread France, and work at taking over Europe to create one large state, he would risk war with all peoples, all countries, or the world if he saw fit.

His eventual downfall was due to one of the same forces that brought him and France to such power � Nationalism by annexed countries. A country would see France’s great fervor while they were being taken over, and would in turn use it against France.

To reinforce the thought, imagine that Maximilien Robespierre, or any of his revolutionary colleagues stayed in power. The country would stay in turmoil and paranoia towards itself.

Or, imagine another suppressive, money-wasting member of royalty had been re-inserted into the leadership position. France would again be thrown into a revolution.

But somewhere in between was Napoleon Bonaparte, a man who was willing to change for the Revolutionaries, but was stable enough for the wealthy. He was smart, decisive, and willing to do whatever it took. There never has been, and never will be another like him.

Napoleon Bonaparte was a great leader, and one of the most unique, power-hungry leaders of all time. Although he was working in the right country for his type of takeover, France’s revolution would never have taken this sort of form without Napoleon, and ONLY Napoleon. There is no doubt that without Napoleon’s great military skills, France would have failed against Austria among several countries, or that without his great administrative skills, France may never have abolished serfdom and the caste system, but the real thing to think about is that without Napoleon, do you think that, for better or for worse, France would have stayed put? Would they have tried to take over the world? Would they have made history? Niether do I.

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