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KSE LTD., is the largest producer of compound cattle feed in India. It has an experience of 5 years in field of cattle feed. K.S cattle feed is the market leader.

It was in 16 that Kerala Solvents Extractions limited

now known as KSE ltd., entered the solvent extractions industry, setting up the very first solvent extractions plant in Kerala. The oil mill owners of trichur district are the promoters of the company. In 17 the solvent extractions plant was commissioned. In 176 a new plant was setup to manufacture ready mixed cattle feed. Today KSE is amongst the top ranking industrial houses in the state of kerala. and a recogonised industrial force, nationally besides manufacturing around lakh tones of ready mixed cattle feed annually, KSE also produces coconut oil to the tune of over Rs 00 million annually from coconut oil cake which is a significant national gain.

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KSE LTD �Irinjalakuda Unit

It was the first solvent extractions plant in kerala. It was the first major factory in the locality, spread over 15 acres. It was here that KSE setup its first cattle feed plant. Today the Irinjalakuda plant enjoy a flagship status and commands an edge on infrastructural strength. This unit has a daily production capacity of 180 tonnes of cattle feed and a processing capacity of 10 tonnes of coconut oil cake and 80 Kg of sunflower refining oil per day. The central R&D Unit is located here. Irinjalakuda unit is an inspiring force for the entire KSE family.


Production Process

Two Process

Cattle Feed Plant(Process I)

The whole process in cattle feed plant is automatic and feed formulations are computerised. The raw materials are fed at feeding points are carried by the redlor conveyors to the production centre. The raw materials are elevated to the top and each material is stored in separate bin. The formula is entered in to the computer and each raw material is taken individually from the storage bin,to the weigh hoppers where they are weighed using load cells. Then the weighed batch is discharged in to the mixture. In mixer the entire batch is mixed thoroughly adding common salt after that is taken to pre-molasses storage bins through conveyor and batch elevator. From the storage bin it is discharge in to the molasses mixer, where in molasses is sprayed to the required quantity and mixed thoroughly. From there finished products are stitched and conveyed to the godown through a conveyor.

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