The Great Escape

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The Great Escape

When he woke up this morning Wolfgang knew this would not be an ordinary day. He can sense something is going to happen today, something big. Wolfgang has been bored lately with his so-called dull existence, so the possibilities excited him. Wolfgang slowly stretched his sleepy body; he needed it to catch up to his very alert mind. He wanted to be prepared, for what he did not know. Whatever it is he would be ready. Wolfgang is a pretty handsome fellow. He has large, dark eyes. His hair is brownish, black and very shiny. Wolfgang is in great shape. He has a sleek, muscular body. He is also a very strong, agile guy. Wolfgang noticed he was hungry. He wanted to keep his strength up. Wolfgang realized it must be time for breakfast. Wolfgang remembered that there is a large black cricket hiding in the far, left corner of his cage. He had been saving him for a special occasion. Well it looks like today is the day!

Wolfgang crept casually across the pebble-covered floor of his cozy domain. He could feel the cool soothing sand under his legs. The large brown rocks up ahead would provide the perfect camouflage for him until he was ready to execute an ambush on his delicious prey. Wolfgang reached his destination. He sat quietly watching the shiny cricket. His mouth watered at the mere thought of how scrumptious the meal would be. Wolfgang does not need webs to catch his food. He uses his strength, speed, and cunning to capture his delicacies. He can not wait a minute longer, the anticipation overwhelms him, and he attacks! The cricket is no match for Wolfgangs strength. He tastes the succulent juice. It is pure perfection.

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Wolfgang now pleasantly full sits relaxing in a warm, moist, mossy area of his cage. It is his favorite place to be. He thought it would be a fitting place to wait for whatever adventure was coming his way. While patiently waiting Wolfgang he looked around his cage. The clear glass walls gave him a never-ending view of the outside world, and yet would not let him out to explore it. He found this to be a form of slow torture. There is a screen above him. Wolfgang is sometimes overwhelmed by the strange odors that come in through the roof of his cage. The screen is also where his owner, a strange looking creature, delivers him fresh water, along with a wonderful selection of insects every evening. That is usually the highlight of his day, but not today! Something great is going to happen today. Two or three hours passed as Wolfgang killed time rearranging his lair. Moving rocks from here to there. Finally he dozed off from boredom.

Wolfgang was startled awake by the sound of his owner removing the lid of his cage. His large hand dropping in the meals for the next day. He was not as happy to see him as usual. He was disappointed that nothing had happened yet. He thought,” this can’t be,” the end of the day was here and nothing amazing or great had happened. Then it happened! The unbelievable opportunity he had been waiting for. His distracted owner had quickly left the room without putting the lid back on. There was an opening large enough for Wolfgang to fit through easily! Finally an end to his torture, he could go out and experience the world.

Wolfgang started to climb the icy wall of the cage. This was not an easy feat. His furry, brown legs kept slipping down as he tried to go up. He was determined that this tiny problem would not keep him from his final destination. Wolfgang reached the top of the cage; he quickly scrambled over the top of the glass wall. He plopped down on the top of a wooden dresser. He felt scared, exhausted, and exhilarated. Let the adventure begin!

Wolfgang scurried across the top of the dresser. He stopped behind a clock to get his bearings. He was amazed at how all the things he had seen from in his cage appeared in person. He was mesmerized by the loud ticking sounds the gold clock made. He turned to look behind him, and saw another spider! This other spider startled Wolfgang. He had no idea there were other spiders in his owner’s house. Wolfgang had no use for this other fellow; he was not about to share his cage, or food, especially not the food! He decided to get away from this guy. He took off to the other end of the dresser. Wolfgang could smell the pine scent of the wood as he looked over the edge. He started to climb down the steep side. This climb was a breeze compared to the glass cage. When he reached the ground Wolfgang was pleased with how soft the carpet felt under his feet. He could feel his legs sinking in to the brown grass. Wolfgang realized he had better keep moving before his naive owner figure out he has escaped.

Wolfgang began to feel intimidated by his surroundings. Everything seems so much larger from his ground view. He carefully made his way across the bedroom floor. There was a tall bookshelf by the unmade bed. Wolfgang started to climb on to the first shelf. It was full of old photo albums, and yellowed newspaper. He noticed a strong musty odor. His nice fur coat was becoming quite dingy from all the dust and cobwebs. On the second shelf he found only books, he moved up to the top shelf where he found his favorite discovery yet. There was a large, green plant sitting on an old tin pan that was used to catch the excess water. Wolfgang realized he was extremely thirsty, so he helped himself to a long drink. He then climbed up the blue flowerpot. He climbed right inside and played in the moist soil. It reminded him of his cage. Wolfgang then crawled up into the plants long leaves. They were great to climb on! Wolfgang even tasted a leaf, and for future reference nothing tops good old bugs.


After scaling back down the book case to the floor Wolfgang decides to head under the bed. He figures there must be something interesting there, why else would his owner spends so much time in the bed. He was right there are a lot of things under here to check out. Wolfgang climbs in every old box he comes across. There are deflated footballs, loose change, and of course the occasional missing sock. He came across an old marble collection. Wolfgang found their bright colors irresistible. He wished he could carry some back to his cage. Wolfgang is so distracted by all the amazing things he is finding that he doesn’t notice the silent shadow moving toward him.

Wolfgang heard a familiar sound surrounding him. It made the hair on his body stand on end. He had heard this sound many times before while safe in his cage. The sound made by the huge beast with the black fur, and slanted green eyes. Wolfgang darted behind a large storage box with lightning speed. The beast hissed at him, and tried to get at him with an angry paw. Wolfgang now desperately longed to be back in his secure glass cage. He would be safe there!

He had no idea how he was going to get back across the floor, up the dresser and climb back in without being mauled by the crazy beast. The aggressive cat anxiously tried getting at Wolfgang. He made such a ruckus that the owner came to see what was going on. Wolfgang had never been so thrilled to see him as he was right now! His owner noticed the lid off the cage right away and knew what his crazy cat was after. Sweet salvation! As Wolfgang sits in his favorite mossy seat, still shaking a bit, he looks around his comfortable home. That is what he calls it now, his home, not his cage.

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