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Shelleys Frankenstein the true villain/monster, the Creature or the Creator.

In the novel Frankenstein the author Mary Shelley depicts main characters the creature and the creator (Victor Frankenstein) the novel is one of pondering nature. I believe the true monster/ villain in Shelleys mind is Victor.

The word monster causes one to imagine a hideous or deformed creature that terrifies all in its path however the creature described more often then not behaves monstrously doing things which harm society and they do these things with out thinking or considering the thoughts and feelings of society. Therefore it is the behaviour rather then the looks that define a monster, thus leading to my conclusion Victor is the monster of the story he acted with no thought or consideration of neither how society would react nor how it would be affected.

He claimed to endeavour on the great task for a noble reason to defeat death yet obviously was doing it for a quite selfish reason victor himself states (page 41) life and death appeared to me ideal bounds, which I should first break through and pour a torrent of life into our dark world, a new species would bless me as their creator and source. this clearly depicts Victor as being the sole benefit of his discovery he wanted the acceptance and recognition by his fellow scientists of this great discovery this discovery lead to great disaster in the lives of many mainly victors, for the creature was lead to evil.

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This evil stated in the paragraph above I believe is actually due to Victors actions victor was the creator of the creature therefore he was the parent, yet he rejected the babe at birth this feeling of rejection deeply hurt the maturing creature and stayed with him for life, yet over and over victor rejected the creature and was his biggest critic often calling it abhorrent and horrifying this lead the creature to harmful ways, because when it did these things it was given attention by victor. Victor created a sole creature knowing that it could never be like the rest of society yet he himself excluded it from any life it could have had peacefully with a family

Victor eventually succumbs to the creatures request for a partner yet then eventually rejects the creature once more by destroying its partner. Victor appears to have a wash of morality yet really he is scared of the outer ugliness of the creature rather then its good or evil shall I in cold blood set loose upon the earth a daemon (page 16) the daemon he refers to is the looks of the creature rather then the actions of his mind.

Over the centuries legend has dubbed the creature with the name Frankenstein and when asked who he is most will say a monster, surely legend has got it right the name goes with the title Victor Frankenstein - a monster in his own right, he had complete disregard for the morality of the issue and nothing but selfish reasons for his creation and all throughout the story his action were guided by his selfish reasoning. Surely Victor deserves the abrasive titles he so swiftly gives out to his son.

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