Death Penalty implemented to improve society

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The Death Penalty is one of the most effective ways to keep dangerous criminals from committing crimes. Every time the death penalty is applied to a person, the risk of more people murdered is reduced. Some people talk about the death penalty as something barbaric, and inhumane thing that can never be accepted in a civilized society, punishment is somewhat the opposite of barbaric since it reveals justice and rectitude. It is not a barbaric act to remove a violent murderer who has injured and killed fellow humans; it is not barbaric to make society a somewhat safer, calm and just place. However, it is important to emphasize that capital punishment should be applied to those criminals who commit major crimes such as sexual abuse, murders, terrorism, treason, or those who belong to the mafia of drugs, the cruel and unjustified killing of animals, among others. These crimes do not have any justification because they are attempting against the life of other human beings. Therefore, the individuals who commit such crimes should receive the maximum punishment. Justice has to rule society; otherwise, society would be full of murderers who will keep committing crimes without the fear of receiving punishment. The death penalty does not have all the support from several citizens in this country as well as others. Nevertheless, there are several facts to support this measurement.

The death penalty is an effective form of punishment. Abolitionists often quarrel that, with the death penalty, there is an unavoidable fact that someone innocent will be executed, but they do not realize that the courts give them the opportunity to prove their innocence by granting them appeals and a fair trial. It is valid to assume that throughout the years many innocent people have been executed. However, many of these people were not proven or found to be innocent. Other people against capital punishment argue that this measure does not deter, as a result, it is useless. It is valid to argue this comment, but it is obvious that the death penalty deters some people from committing murder and cruel crimes and, thereby, society is less brutalized. No one should have any doubt of this. Those sentenced to death have to suffer an unbearable existence until their death, no one can live or sleep thinking that the day of their death is getting closer every second. It has been proven that there will always be people who are more afraid of death than lifetime in prison, and consequently this will keep some from committing heinous crimes. The death penalty is more than justified since it would come to save some innocent lives, and their lives should be more important for us to save than the life of a killer. People against the death penalty can often say, “the death penalty does not help,” but they do not realize that it helps by giving a just punishment and to maintain the respect and the dignity of the human life. In addition, it is clearly understood that murderers and violent criminals who are executed are unable to commit new crimes. Every time a serial killer is stopped by the use of the death penalty, before the violence has spread, humanism and humanity wins a great victory and starts creating a brick for a nicer and safer society.

Punishment is needed to protect society by eliminating crime through example. Criminals have to fear justice; this way the number of crimes will decrease. The justice has to demonstrate that if anyone robs a person of his or her life, everyone should feel safe knowing that this murderer will also lose his life. Nowadays, the death penalty counts with the support of President Bush who states “I support the death penalty because I believe, if administered swiftly and justly, Capital Punishment is a deterrent against future violence and will save other innocent lives.” If a criminal kills a person, he is taking away the most valuable thing the victim has life. Therefore, the criminal has to pay the price with his own life. When the justice executes a dangerous criminal, it is like a doctor performing surgery. Sometimes a surgeon has to amputate a part of the body in order to save the rest of the body. The law is also forced to perform such unnatural operations (the death penalty). However, it is an operation that, despite all, brings justice, human value, compassion and defense of life itself, to the body of society. Enemies of the death penalty use as an argument “the right to life.” Using this argument is contradictory since they are trying to give the criminal the right that the victim did not have. The courts should not accept this statement. If this happens, the “right to life” principle will be transformed to an inhumane principle, to a defender of the criminal, and then this principle would become somewhat enemy of humanity. When a court sentences a criminal to death, it is demonstrating an act of civilization because it is announcing that committing violent crimes is morally wrong and causes dread among those who are planning to commit more evil acts. In retrospect, justice has to put the example and guide the society to think twice before committing a crime.

It is better to prevent more acts that are violent before they take place. It is proven that the death penalty costs more money to this country than a life prison sentence, but it is better to pay that price than to permit the loses of more innocent lives. Assassinations, sexual abuse, and terrorism are crimes that must be punished with all the rigidity of the law. No one has the right to physically or psychologically assault a human being because everyone has the right to be respected. Moreover, since the death penalty is a measure to make people respect each other, it has to receive complete support of society.

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