Crip Gangs

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The origin of the word Crip has not been identified yet. Gang specialist do believe that the “Crips” were looking for the hardest and toughest thing imaginable and they came up with Superman. The only thing that could hurt Superman was Kryptonite. They shortened it up and got Crip. Another theory is that it is simply an acronym and stands for Community Revolution in Progress. And along with this second theory, there is a second meaning on why this gang was developed. It is also said that Crips were created to protect the neighborhood against other criminal street gangs.

The Crips originated in southern Los Angeles, California, around 16. The gang was predominately black and Hispanic members that formed to take control of the drug trade that was happening in this community. The Crips chose blue to be the color of display for their gang. This color is usually shown on accessories such as hats, handkerchiefs, shoelaces, and belts. In select areas black, brown, and purple are also accepted as Crip colors.

Around 180 this gang started to spread rapidly throughout the United States trying to become nationwide. This gang wanted to focus on drug control and to be the strongest, toughest gang out there. The Crips would do virtually anything to make this happen. As the expansion of this gang occurred, they formed different “sets.” For example there is now the LA crips, San Diego crips, Compton crips, East Coast crips, and etc… There are currently over 00 different crip sets in the United States. They spread from the West coast to the East coast, from Texas to Minnesota. Each set is one gang in its own. They all are an alliance of one big gang that is called the Crips. These gangs usually settled in the larger cities. Within these gangs there are usually anywhere from 0 to 5 people involved in a set. There is known to be as many as 0 sets in large cities such as Los Angeles. The gang members usually range between the ages of 15 to 5, however there are younger and older gang members. It is said to be that the most violent gang members are 15 to 18 years of age and this age group makes up the majority of the gang population.

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To become a member of this gang you have to prove your loyalty or show that you are willing to give your life for and to the gang. This is accomplished by the leaders of the gang ordering the new prospects to commit crimes, physically assault the prospect, making them play Russian roulette, or in some other way risk their life for the gang. One of the most common initiation rituals is what they call walking the line. This is where the prospect stands between two sides of current gang members and has to walk a certain distance while being beaten on and his/her knees cannot touch the ground before the get to the predetermined distance. The prospect’s hands are tied behind their back so they cannot fight back. If his/her knees do touch the ground then they either start over or beat the prospect worse.

The Crips are an extremely powerful and violent gang. The Crips spread as deep as inside prisons. The Crips don’t just deal with drug control now. They deal with stolen merchandise, they steal merchandise, they heist cars, they beat people down for money, and they steal and sell guns. The Crips will try to destroy anything or anyone who stands in their way of doing whatever activities they want to do.

Members of this gang are loyal to each other. They cover each other’s backs. If a Crip from New York goes to Los Angeles and gets into some kind of trouble the Crips from Los Angeles will help out the Crip from New York. The gang has graffiti, hand signs, specific tattoos, and specific words that are used nationwide to show their affiliation with Crip brotherhood. Crips usually refer to each other as “cuzz” and give each other nicknames or street names such as T-loc or C-bone. The Crip’s big rival gang is the Bloods. You’ll see a lot of Crips use the initial BK in graffiti or tattooed on their bodies standing for Blood Killer. Graffiti usually consists of future or past gang activity but never current. Hardcore Crips will never use the letter “b” in any of their words probably due to the fact that their rival gang’s name starts with a “b.”

Overall Crip gang activity has been on a rise for the past few years but has leveled off as of recently. As the police agencies become more effective in their means of taking gang members off the streets, the prisons become their new “stomping grounds” giving the prison employees a handful. As laws stiffen on gang activity, the sneakier gang members become. Today’s society is not immune to gang activity. Gang members are in high schools and in colleges. They live in just about every neighborhood and interact with everyday society. The law enforcement community has to work harder and harder to keep up with the gang activity. I believe that gang activity will always be a part of our everyday lives.

During the 180s, several Crip gangs (and Bloods) developed in a Central American Country known as Belize (formerly British Honduras). These gangsters migrated heavily to the United States during the late 180s, especially throughout the West Coast and East Coast States like New York, New Jersey, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. In 18, several large Belizean families arrived in New York in the neighborhood of Harlem. The youth from these families, and some adults, were members of the Crips Gang in Belize. They created the Harlem Mafia Crips in New York City and helped establish several other Crip gangs such as the Rolling 0s Crips, Hoover Crips and Rolling 60s Crips by 15. During the late 10s, Crip gangs were well established in New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Georgia, Connecticut, Florida, Pennsylvania and other East Coast regions.

The main enemy of the Crip gang is another gang called the Bloods. They are an equally vicious gang. They have similar philosophies as the crips and many of the customs of the gangs are the same too. However, they cannot stand each other and many times there are gang fights between these two gangs resulting in a lot of violence and death.

The police of most states are tired of all this fighting. They want to get rid of these gangs but find it tough to do so. They are getting more and more strict, passing different laws and even going under cover in order to control this problem.

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