The country in which I want to live

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When asked whence they derive their pride in their country, the Japanese

people always commend its natural beauty, its law and order, and its

long history and traditions. Their lifestyle is close to my ideal. The

Japanese identity is rooted in Japanese culture.

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When we use the word culture, we are usually referring to art,

entertainment, scholarship, and cultural artifacts such as the tea

ceremony, Noh theater, Kabuki, museums, art galleries, concerts,

lectures, festivals, and similar activities. Of course, all these fall

under the rubric of culture. If we take plants as an analogy, however,

this is equivalent to looking only at the flowers and ignoring the

leaves, stems, roots, soil, and other elements that support them.

Japanese culture is not simply a matter of the activities associated

with the flowers in our daily lives. It covers the behaviors, daily

creature comforts, values, and lifestyles of people born and bred in the

ethos of Japan.

Scholars define culture as lifestyle. Culture defined as lifestyle

means mode of living and way of life. Japanese culture really is a

generic expression of the way of life of each individual. In other

words, the age of culture values the mode of living and way of life of

each individual and enhances the quality of each individuals life. As

individuals improve their quality of life, they are actually raising the

level of culture as well.

In todays global society, interchange is evolving on an infinitely

larger scale than confrontation. If we bear this in mind, we realize

that we should not only respect the diversity of lifestyles around the

world but also accustom ourselves to enjoying it. The basic stance of

society in the process of entering an era in which it steadily opens up

to the outside is to develop a culture that attracts people with

different cultural backgrounds and shuns exclusion or coercion.

For that to happen, it is most important that the various strata of

society feel pride in their way of life. The Japanese mode of living

(lifestyle and natural beauty) impresses visitors of other nationalities

and cultures as beautiful and inspires their respect and mine too.

To repeat, culture is nothing less than the way of life of each

individual. The mode of living that constitutes the totality of these

ways of life acquires centripetal force by becoming something beautiful

and safe. Japan, according to my opinion is an appealing country with

the power to attract with its lifestyle, incredible culture and


People and things have potential value that cannot be measured in

monetary terms. Finding this value and assimilating it into ones mode

of life to give it greater substance will make a country that provides

this an ideal one for me.

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