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Colombia is a South American country with a big social problem caused by terrorist groups with an initial objective of to take control of the country in order to start a Socialist/Marxists regime. The purpose of this was to obtain social justice. Although they continue their attacks on the democratic government of Colombia, the original purpose no longer exists. Their current objective is to continue their criminal actions without control and increase their power and money. If someday they take control over Colombia they would surely impose a non-democratic regime like in Cuba.

Drug dealing is one of the biggest problems in Colombia; this is a business where many people is dying, besides they horror that drugs produces in the people, it also generate money for war. Colombian guerrillas are in the drugs business to earn money to finance their war against Colombian government as terrorist attacks against Colombian citizens. They are do not respect human rights, People is being kidnapped everyday. Families suffer the absence of their family members because they get killed or have to leave the country to avoid getting kill.

Besides the drug business and the kidnapping the guerrillas finance their operations with a war tax collected among merchants and industrialists. If they refuse to pay it, the guerrillas would take them hostage and destroy their estates and equipment.

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Colombia is a poor country and does not have enough money fight against a guerrilla financed by drugs business, countries like USA are supporting Colombia with technology and guns but unfortunately this support is not enough. Colombians living overseas should unite to show the world the horrors of the acts committed by the guerrillas in order get more support from the international community.

But no everything is bad, after the new president was elected, situation is turning better but more help from the international community is needed. To overcome this crisis Colombian government has designed a strategy for peace and prosperity called Plan Colombia. So far has generate a good impact for the people, it is being supported by Colombians as well as for some countries.

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