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Pilgrimage in these short tales was when the Canterbury pilgrim’s would meet up in the

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Tabard Inn and they would commence Chaucer’s Journey to Canterbury. There was a group of

twenty-nine members of the party of pilgrims who journeyed from London to the shrine of St.

Thomas a’ Becket in Canterbury.

When Chaucer uses his other tales to express pilgrimage it gives a frame. His literary device is

important because when writing he used some imaginary world yet heightened it by his real-life

setting. His device of springtime pilgrimage he creates a diverse group of persons. He wanted to

include a wide range of people. Each person was to tell two tales per person. This amounts to

sixty tales. Therefore pilgrimage could be, and was stretched through all his tales. There is not

even one tale from each person in The Canterbury Tales, there were not even connective links. they all were very diffrent in many ways. None of the topics were repeated more than once.

Chaucer gives an accounting of human life as he viewed it in medieval England.

His writings were very elaberate and expressed many views which people could relate to this made his writings a very unique and interesting peiece.

overall I think his essay was a brillant peice of work. His writing technique and his liteary devices used we very competitive against other writers, and yet his work appeared better than all the rest due to the simplicity put into it. His hard work and dedication played a major role in the way his writing was done.

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