an autobiographical narrative

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Looking back at different events that have occurred in my life I would have to say that one in particular stands out the most in my memory as it had a very strong impact on my life.

Since that fateful day, I have looked at things and people in a totally new light. I try not to take things for granted and appreciate those I love a bit more than I normally would have.

Every year my grandmother would have all the family over her house for Christmas, we would be around thirty people. She would do all the cooking and preparation without help from anyone, this plus working full time was no mean feat, but I don’t think I ever heard her complain about it.

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One year mum just got a bee in her bonnet and said that she wanted Christmas at our house; I was horrified at the thought as I knew mom would make us help and do things!

Now the big test would have to convince my grandfather of it all, he comes from the old school. As far as he was concerned Christmas was at his house and we all went there as a sign of respect and no correspondence would be entered into.

Mum and my grandmother worked on him for days and still he would not budge. My grandmother had enough and yelled at him to come and shut up or stay at home by yourself. Finally he begrudgingly gave in and said all right.

The look of relief on my grandmother’s face was priceless; this would be the first time in 4 years that she would have to just get up on Christmas morning, go to church and come over our house and be served.

Christmas morning finally came and I was annoyed that I was not allowed to lull around and not do much as we had to get ready for the coming of the “family”. Mum had us all doing “ jobs” and that did not sit very well with me.

It ended up being a great day and I cam still remember how happy my grandmother was just sitting and enjoying her family, the contended look on her face has to be worth a million bucks, it was also so hot that day that we got buckets of water and drenched ourselves. We all laughed so much and as much as he won’t admit it my grandfather also enjoyed himself.

You might think that what is so special about a Christmas day, well it was my grandmothers last Christmas with us as sadly she passed away later, None of us were aware that this would be her last Christmas with us and sometimes I wonder if we had known would we have reacted differently. That Christmas day gave me a great memory and now when I have moments that I miss her so much I have something to think about.

I am extremely grateful for that memory of that Christmas day and I still can picture my grandmother just sitting, relaxing and enjoying her family which meant the world to h

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