The Abortion

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The abortion,the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy(most often performed during the first 8 weeks) ,is a very sensitive subject, which has been discussed for a long time.There are the “pro-life” who are against abortion and the “pro-choice” who claim that to abort is a right, which should not be denied by anybody. Both camps based their opinion on various beliefs. Even though a consensus exists that an infant is the most precious form of life on earth, and needs to be protected under law, the press, religious leaders, and others still emphasize uncompromising differences between pro-life and pro-choice beliefs. The various opinions are expressed in view of safety concerns, economic aspects or political, philosophical and religious principles.

Those who support the right to have an abortion (The Pro-Choice)

1. Terminating life through abortion can be justified to prevent the death of the mother, permanent disability, or extremely serious injury of the baby. Some would also allow an abortion in cases of rape or incest.

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. A lot of scientists suggest that the one factor that is uniquely human is the ability to think. As they say “we become persons when the cerebral cortex is in place. This does not start until the sixth month”. Joining this idea, the “pro-choice” declare that the transition from the stem cells to personhood does not happen at conception because “The just-fertilized ovum has no head, no brain, no self-consciousness and no ability to think, etc.”

. The fetus becomes a human person only after it has been delivered and is breathing on its own. There is some Biblical justification for this belief. Genesis 7 states that God made Adams body from the dust of the ground. But it was only after God breathed into it the breath of life that man became a living person.

4. Illegal abortion is unsafe abortion. In fact, between the late 1800s and 17, when abortion was illegal, many women died or had serious medical problems after attempting to induce their own abortions or going to untrained practitioners who performed abortions with primitive instruments or in unsanitary conditions. This belief is emphasized by the fact that, around the world, in countries where abortion is illegal, it remains a leading cause of maternal death.

5. The result of the lengthy hospital stays, which followed the medical complications from “black market” abortions, increased financial and health costs, and a serious drain on hospital maternity resources. The price to pay was not just measured in dollars but also in pain and all its consequences. The pain to lose a mother, a sister or other relatives could be a huge price to pay for American families.

Those who are opposed to abortion (The Pro-life)

1. Aborting a child is killing a human .Fetus has cells ,which multiply and grow ,thus it is a living organism and it is a person.

. Killing the babies emotionally affects mother and they fill guilty ,ashamed ,lonely ,… One of the women after abortion said “An abortion can take your baby from your body but never from your heart.”

. Abortion may cause serious problems. Like sterile, premature births,… .

4. The fear of dieing make some people to be against abortion.The facts shows that some women died during abortion.

5. “Abortion is a business ! They want your money and they don’t tell the truth.Some people think that doctors just want their money so they don’t tell the facts about possible effects of abortion.

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